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BAUMA 2022 Trade Fair Center Messe München

2022 has been marked by the return of big events around the world and this is no exception. BCS Travel is going to help you enjoy BAUMA 2022!

It is that special time of the year again. The Trade Fair Center Messe München is getting ready to be very busy from October 24th to 30th. BAUMA 2022 is the world’s leading trade fair when it comes to Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment. If you participate in any of those industries, this is the event to attend!

This edition, named BAUMA 2022, is going to focus on digitalization and sustainability. Those topics will be the center of attention in terms of projects, ideas, and opinions. The event will be helpful for small businesses, so they can catch up with the latest trends; and to larger ones, which are usually responsible for creating those trends. Either way, BCS Travel ensures that it will be very productive.

Key facts BAUMA 2022

  • Dates: October 24th – October 30th

  • Venue: Trade Fair Center Messe München

  • Over 3,000 exhibitors from 58 countries

  • Over 630,000 visitors from 217 countries

  • 200,000 m² of hall space and 414,000 m² of outdoor space

BAUMA 2022 has also left a wonderful impression on its visitors. According to GMM Gelszus Market Research, 99% of the visitors would visit the event again, while the overall appreciation of the event was of 95%. It is also important to observe that their majority has succeeded at making concrete investments, cultivating business ties, expanding specialist know-how, and getting new information.

Such an event gathers decision-makers of countless companies and industry sectors; many of them travel long distances to attend the event and display their projects. It is easy to understand why BCS Travel is a perfect match for such an event. We are prepared to transport you and your group back and forth in a timely manner so you can make the best use of your time when visiting BAUMA 2022.

Opening hours BAUMA 2022

Keep in mind that the times below are valid for visitors only. If you plan to attend the event with the press or you are going to exhibit there, there will be different applicable opening hours for you.

  • Monday October 24th to Friday October 28th: 09:30 to 18:30

  • Saturday, October 29th: 08:30 to 18:30

  • Sunday, October 30th: 08:30 to 16:30

GoGreen tickets BAUMA 2022

When you purchase your tickets for the exhibition, we recommend you take a look at the GoGreen options. When you buy one of them, your CO2 emission is going to be compensated by our climate protection partner MyClimate. It will directly help projects aimed at providing clean drinking water for schools and households, biogas plants for families and replacing fossil fuel with hydropower.

Why should I visit BAUMA 2022?

First of all, this is the most important event in the world for the construction machinery, building material machine, and mining machine industry sectors. The exhibition welcomes representatives of the leading companies and encourages them to show their latest projects and make important business connections. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn the next steps of your field of business.

As if that was not enough, the event becomes more interactive with each edition. We all know that it is boring to attend a regular lecture regardless of the topic. At BAUMA 2022, you can experience virtual-reality environments, live demonstrations of new products, and interactive elements so you can be a part of the whole event. Besides, the big open area is great to take a break between visits.

What will BAUMA 2022 discuss?

It is easy to say that the event will compile all the pertinent topics for its several industry sectors. However, we know that this is not enough to prove how productive it will be for you to attend it, especially if you work in any of those sectors. Here, we are going to compile those discussion topics according to the official organizers of BAUMA 2022 so you can prepare even better for the event.

  • Digitization: Construction activities are obtaining increasing benefits from digital resources such as Building Information Modeling (BIM). It saves time and money and provide easy and quick access to important information. Besides, the advancements in cloud computing have made BIM safer and more reliable. Even safety items have been improved by digitization!

  • Electric powertrain: We can observe similar benefits to those car owners are experiencing. By electrifying construction machinery, your company can operate with lower noise levels, quicker torque delivery, and no extra emissions of carbon dioxide. Not to mention that it is usually cheaper to recharge batteries regularly than to refuel tanks with gasoline or diesel.

  • New materials: Carbon concrete for lighter and more durable structures without the fear of rust. Special binding elements that revolutionize the use of sand in load-bearing structures. Polymer concrete that dampens shock waves of strong impacts to better protect a building against earthquakes. Those are only some of the new ideas you can see at BAUMA 2022.

  • Additive manufacturing: Traditional machinery processes consume much energy, make a lot of waste material, and often require too much manual labor. The opposite idea, captained by 3D printing, becomes more efficient by applying material where it is strictly necessary. Another great advantage is using mostly automated procedures, which increases precision.

Infrastructure at BAUMA 2022

As with any major event, you will enjoy complete infrastructure at BAUMA 2022. Messe München, the exhibition venue, provides everything from changing tables for babies to a “silent room” aimed at praying. You may also like to know that the entire venue offers barrier-free accessibility, which includes free parking, specific bathrooms, and wheelchair rental for people who need any of those.

Versatile tickets for BAUMA 2022

This year’s edition has made entrance easier than ever. There are tickets for one day, three days or the whole event; you can buy tickets for a group of 10 people or more with a single online process; you can pay for the tickets with online wallets such as PayPal; and you can print your unused tickets as many times as you need. Besides, you can use them from your phone or even your smartwatch!

How to get to BAUMA 2022

It is only natural that there are several ways to reach such a major event. BAUMA 2022 is attended by professionals with full crews and by visitors, so there must be convenient options for each one of those groups. In this section, we are going to cover all the possible means of transportation you can use to reach the event venue and start enjoying its attractions and meeting with business partners.

BAUMA 2022 by public transportation

The fastest and most environmentally friendly form of transportation is taking the U2 subway line: the “Messestadt West” station gives you access to the Internationales Congress Center München. We only ask you to keep in mind that subway fares have no relation to the BAUMA 2022 tickets.

BAUMA 2022 by car

If you have access to a car of your own, you can easily reach the Trade Fair Center by using the A94 motorway. Once you are driving on it, all you will need to do is take the München-Riem (no. 5) exit.

BAUMA 2022 by train

Another possible solution in this regard is traveling by train; you can reach BAUMA 2022 in a safe, convenient, and environmentally friendly way. It is a 20-minute trip from Munich’s central station.

BAUMA 2022 by airplane

The Munich airport is the second largest in the entire country, so it will surely have several options of flights from your city. Make sure to contact BCS Travel to ask about our airport pickup service!

Special offers to BAUMA 2022

Deutsche Bahn and Lufthansa have established special promotions where their services come at a reduced price for people who will visit BAUMA 2022. Make sure to read their terms and conditions!

BAUMA 2022 bus charter

If you choose to hire a bus with driver, BCS Travel is happy to help. All we ask is for you to fill our online form right here, on our website, with your travel needs. We will reply with the best service package and agree with you on a price. Once that happens, you can rest assured that you will have a wonderful service. We only use modern vehicles and experienced drivers who also speak English.

Visa service for BAUMA 2022

As mentioned above, this event has attendees of hundreds of countries. Germany welcomes people from within the European Union without a visa, but that document is required from people of other countries. You can access a full list of those countries here. In case you actually need a visa to enter the country, it is important to know that you will have to apply for a visa with at least three months.

Since 2013, the German Foreign Office states that it is not necessary to present an official invitation letter from the trade fair organizer to apply for a visa. Besides that, exhibitors at German fairs have their visa fees waived. Keep those facts in mind when you apply for your visa so you can guarantee to have your application properly processed. If you come into problems, contact the fair organizer.

BCS Travel takes you to BAUMA 2022

Global events like that inspire BCS Travel to work harder. It is a pleasure for us to understand your travel needs, whether you are going as a visitor or are part of a big corporate group. We have the means to transport everyone back and forth in a timely manner. All it takes is for you to contact us and we will arrange the best service package. We will provide it with a final price, rid of extra fees.

BCS Travel has a vast experience in the transportation field. We only work with the best drivers, so you can relax and enjoy the efficient routes they will plan. Another important fact is that we service our vehicles frequently in order to keep them at top shape. Those and many other factors make us a leading company in Europe. Contact us for even more information about attending BAUMA 2022!

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