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The first we want to note is that all buses are divided into 4 main categories:

  • city bus
  • suburban
  • intercity
  • international


  • The city bus moves within one settlement;
  • suburban bus go to trips up to 50 km beyond the city limits;
  • intercity bus moves to cities within the same country;
  • international bus are moves to long trips in other countries.


Touristic buses are of course more comfortable than city buses.

The last category interests us the most of all, because traveling is one of the most popular activities for modern people.

International class bus should be especially safety and comfortable.

All over the world the high demands are placed to tourist buses:

international-class buses should include:

  • air conditioning;
  • audio and video systems;
  • kitchen;
  • cloakroom;
  • bio-toilet;


Salons are equipped with:

  • individual light bulbs;
  • footrests;
  • folding tables on the backs of the seats;
  • The chairs should be comfortable and soft, have reclining backrests, the slope of which can be adjusted.


Do you know, that buses like hotels or restaurants have 5 star rating?

Let's try to figure it out.

As you know, the most important and basic difference is the distance between the seats. This is perhaps the main factor for obtaining stars, but there are other important components as well.


Bus / Coach Star-rating description table


Leg Distance

Basic characteristic

Suitable for



City bus or bus for city excursions. From the city bus is distinguished by the lack of standing places and the presence of a microphone for the guide.

short city tour or transfer.


68 – 74cm

city excursions, but more comfortable. There is also a microphone for the guide

sightseeing excursions


74 - 78cm

Increased level of comfort. Obligatory: two armrests on the armchair, a folding table for each passenger, individual lighting for each passenger, an increased legroom, an onboard kitchen (refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker).

economy class long excursion tours.


81 - 85cm

This bus has all the same amenities like in the third class, but there are individual footstools, air conditioners and curtains on the windows. 4 stars buses must have an audio-video system in the salon.

long international trips.



the fifth class of comfort must have presence of completely equipped mini-kitchen and audio-video systems with individual control panels. There is also a separate wardrobe for passengers. In some models, there are devices for using mobile communication outside the network coverage area.

exclusive tours or VIP excursions.

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