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Ghent is the most beautiful and mysterious city of Belgium.

Bcs-bus coach hire company offers to organize transport for excursions, celebration or transfer

Visitors to the city are always wondering if they will be able to be met and delivered to the site on time.

We are ready to help you with this and provide modern comfortable buses.

Minibus rental and bus hire is a very convenient service for traveling around Ghent.

Choose the type of transport that suits you based on the size of your group and the amount of luggage.

A bus coach charter in Ghent will be a great for a wedding and will impress your business partners.

Ghent is a small but very beautiful city. And many tourists choose it for celebrations or just for walking.

We are ready to help you and provide excellent transportation with professional drivers.

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The exact date of the city does not exist, however, it is known that the settlements here were before the Stone and Iron Ages. Later, the Celtic settlements were captured by the Romans, and then the Franks. The rapid growth of the city’s economy was due to the development of the textile industry in the 19th century.

Ghent is incredibly popular with tourists due to its medieval beauty and unusual elegance. Many small river channels cut the city into quarters where medieval castles coexist with everyday life.

T Beautiful modern residential neighborhoods are striking in their comfort and scenic views. Cozy cafes and restaurants almost always give visitors the opportunity to admire the city so well built on the canals.

But perhaps the most interesting here are the days of the festivals. The city turns into one big theater ground. Friendly residents are always ready to not only inform you about what is happening an where but will be happy to communicate with you.

And yes, the city is much like Venice, but still it’s not repeatable, it’s just amazing!

Ghent Airport

Ghent Airport (Ghent Airport) GNE in Belgium is located near the city of Ghent.The length of the runway of this airport does not allow regular flights. Therefore, the airport is only suitable for private jets.

The nearest airport to Ghent is:

Antwerp airport (ANR) is located 64.2 km form the Ghent, in Antwerp .

Or You can use also Brussels airport:

Brussels airport (BRU) it located 67 km form the Ghent, in Brussels.

You can also immediately book the minibus rental and bus hire services offered by the BCS-bus coach hire company and go on a trip around Ghent.


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