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Karlovy Vary - a resort for all who know how to appreciate and accept the real beauty and tranquility.

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Karlovy Vary is the most famous spa resort.

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Karlovy Vary

The beginning of Karlovy Vary has been inseparably linked with the beneficial therapeutic effects of warm mineral springs. The exact date of the foundation of tKarlovy Vary is unknown. The alleged appearance of an ancient settlement near the Geyser took place around 1349. It is proved that people lived here already in the l3rd century. Maybe they already knew the healing properties of the Karlovy Vary thermal waters and used them for treatment.

The most interesting sights in Karlovy Vary:

  • Museum of Jan Becher- Here will be presented the entire history of the famous drink.
  • Smetana Gardens-This garden named after the famous composer is perfect for walking.
  • The Mill Colonnade is the symbol of Karlovy Vary. The Corinthian columns of the colonnade harbor five springs of mineral water. Each source differs from the others in water
  • temperature and mineral composition, as well as healing properties.
  • Bečov Castle-Bečov Castle-fortress founded in the 13th century was rebuilt several times. On the territory of this complex there is a delightful landscape park. In 1314 a chapel of the Apparition of the Virgin Mary was created here. This is a kind of chapel with frescoes from the bible. During the tour, you can walk through the old streets. Visit the museum.
  • Loket Castle - It is an ancient city built at the end of the 12th century.
  • Castle Tower - By order of Charles IV, a castle was built, intended for hunting entertainment. But its beauty began to attract a lot of guests. There were balls, festive celebrations. Inside the tower there is a restaurant.
  • The Church of Peter and Paul-Spa Karlovy Vary was popular among the aristocrats of the Russian Empire in the 19th - early 20th centuries. And they built this masterpiece. Today, the temple works for prayers.
  • Museum Moser-Here they will show you the birth of various objects of crystal and glass. At the museum, the Moser factory outlet is opened, where you can buy original souvenirs that delight you with their quality.
  • Sources Karlovy Vary - Thermal springs - the main attraction of Karlovy Vary!
  • Thermal Pool - on the roof of the highest sanatorium "Thermal" there is an outdoor swimming pool for swimming with water coming directly from the geyser.
  • Airport of Karlovy Vary

    Letiště Karlovy Vary international airport Karlovy Vary (KLV) is located in 5 km from the resort center.

    In 2009, a new ultramodern passenger terminal was built.

    It has two floors and serves both domestic and international flights.

    The fastest and most secure way to get to the airport,or from the airport to the resort is the airport transfer.

    BCS-bus coach hire company will provide buses, minibuses and minivans for transfer to Karlovy Vary.


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