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Welcome to the most picturesque city on the banks of Geneva lake!

BCS-bus coach hire company offers to organize transportation for groups in Lausanne.

Many tourists appreciate the city for its elegance and artistry.

The city is located at the very foot of the mountains, and this gives it a special charm.

Bus hire will be very much to the point if you are planning trips in Lausanne.

Lausanne is considered to be the sports capital.

It is here that the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee is located.

For small groups and family trips, minibus rental is the best choice.

In addition, the weather in Lausanne has no sharp temperature changes.

This is a great place to restore health, which is why there are the best clinics in the world here.

A bus coach charter would be an excellent choice for organizing tourism in Lausanne.

The combination of modern medical technology and healing air can work wonders.

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It is known that already in 4 millennia BC, settlements of ancient tribes were located on this place. This is evidenced by finds on the shores of Lake Geneva. In 58 BC, Julius Caesar seized these lands and founded a military camp here called lausodunum.

However, the wild Germanic tribes began to make regular raids on the city, and soon the inhabitants left it and moved to safe hills. After the bishops began to build their churches, the city gradually flourished in this area.

Even the plague that carried the third part of the population and the terrible fire of the destructions of almost the entire city could not break its spirit.

Today, Lausanne is 40% foreign.

What to see in Lausanne:

  • The Cathedral of Notre-Dame or the Cathedral of Lausanne. It is often compared to the French Cathedral of Notre Dame.
  • Ryumin Palace (Palais de Rumine)- Now in the palace building there are cantonal and university libraries and there are several museums in operation: the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Archeology and
  • History, the Museum of Currency, the Museum of Geology, the Museum of Zoology
  • The Museum of Design and Applied Arts of Lausanne. You can admire a large collection of modern works with glass, as well as a very beautiful collection of art objects from ancient Egypt and China.
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Château de Beaulieu and Musée de l´Art Brutus: In the castle there is a unique Art Brut museum with a collection of bizarre paintings of the mentally ill and prisoners.
  • Also Lausanne is considered a center of beauty and health, famous for its high level of medicine, cosmetology and spa.

Lausanne Airport

http://www.lausanne-airport.ch/ (QLS) Aéroport de Lausanne-Blécerette

Aéroport de Lausanne-Blécerette (QLS) is regional airport of the Swiss city Lausanne, located in the urban area of Blesheret, 1 km from the city center.

It is located on the outskirts of Lausanne, near the A9 motorway.

There is a trolleybus communication.

In the future, it is planned to build a metro line M3, which will connect Blesheret Airport with the Lausanne railway station.

BCS-bus coach hire company will help arrange a transfer for any group of passengers.


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