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Graz is aristocratic and exquisite city!

But everyone who wants to plunge into real European bourgeois life should be here.

BCS bus-coach hire company invites you to go on a trip to Graz.

However, this may seem to the person who came for the first time.

You will see the Green Mountain which rises directly above the city, as well as the villages are woven into the city and are part of it as well as modern buildings and ancient castles.

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Graz is beautiful at any time of the year. There really is something to see. This city of youth and fun.


In Graz, as many as 6 universities attract youth from all over the world, so one fifth of the population are young people.

It was here that Arnold Schwarzenegger was born and started his career.

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It is important to note that the most convenient way to get to the graz is by bus or car.

Because the airport does not accept many flights, and the train from Vienna runs every 2 hours.

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The name of the city comes from the ancient Slavic word Hradec (Gradetz). However, more than 900 years ago the city was the residence of the Habsburg dynasty. The era of Renaissance strongly reflects the architecture of the city. Therefore, medieval courtyards, castles and parks do not carry the usual European gloom, but on the opposite, amaze everyone with light romanticism and sophistication.

The main attraction is the Green Mountain. It rises to 473 meters above the old city. And on the very hill the Clock Tower is the main symbol of the city.

A special attraction of the city is the armory palace. Exhibits here began to collect in the year 1551! Therefore, to date, you are waiting for 30,000 exhibits from around the world.

Another important detail of the city is the Museum of Modern Art. Its futuristic appearance amazes imagination of every tourist, and there that you can get acquainted with all forms of modern art.

Aiola Island Bridge is the business card of the city. There is a bar-café in the center of the glass island with some other places for rest, for sunburn, including a playground for children. In the evening it looks even more futuristic and mysterious.

The Volker Ginke project offers also an interesting winter palm garden, as a contrast to the classic urban style.

Airport in Graz

Talerhof Flughafen Graz-Thalerhof (GRZ) is the oficial irport of Graz. It is one of the largest airports in Austria serving flights from all the Europe.

The airport is located 10 km from the city center. In addition to domestic flights from Vienna and Linz, airplanes from Germany and the UK are arriving at the local airport. From the airport you can reach the city by train or bus.

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