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Noisy, southern, bright Marseille is the real sample of a Mediterranean port city.

Beautiful Marseille is a favorite place for tourists from all over the world!

Bcs-bus coach hire company will help you enjoy the magnificence of Marseille.

Its centuries-old history has allowed it to accumulate rich experience.

But now this city is a large industrial center that has played a decisive role in the development and prosperity of France.

The beautiful soft climate of Marseille also gave the city the opportunity to become a favorite resort of millions of tourists.

We will help you organize a bus coach charter in Marseilles and you will be able to appreciate its splendor.

The time spent here will be remembered forever.


Everything is created here for rest and entertainment of all categories of tourists, residents and guests of the city.

Bus hire and minibus rental services offer transportation for all events.

You can choose the transport for your trip.

This can be as a tour for a few hours, a transfer or even the organization of long-term major events.

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The city was founded in 600 before BC. There is a beautiful legend about how the king of the Ligurians decided to have a feast where his daughter would choose her fiancé. She chose the Greek man Protis. As a gift for the wedding, Princess Giptide and her husband were presented with a part of the coast that they called Massilia.

Massalia grew and developed. It became a trading city and even began to enjoy the support of Rome while remaining independent. However, during Caesar's conflict with Pompey the Great, Massalia was captured by Caesar and lost its fleet. Marseille revived again only in the 10th century AD thanks to the dukes of Provence. Crusades greatly helped the city, and that time Marseille became a transit port.

A new misfortune came in 1720 - from the Bourbon plague the city lost almost half the inhabitants.

Marcel was the first to support French Revolution and it is in its honor the French anthem was called the Marseillaise.

During the Second World War. Marseille was the center of resistance.

Modern Marseille is not far away from its historical roots. Trade boils all day, and a crowd of people from all over the world does not cease. A real shopaholic will definitely appreciate Marcel, from markets with seafood to chic boutiques. Especially it is recommend to tourists to visit the street Capnebier is the Marseilles version of the Champs Elysees.

But it’s not so good about restaurants here. The only restaurant worthy of the three-stars is Le Petit Nice. The price of dinner can be an average of 250 euros per person, but it is better to book a place in advance, because this is the most popular place in the city.

The weather here is always wonderful almost, so you can enjoy the sights almost all year long.

The airport of Marseille.

Aeroport de Marseille Provence (MRS) is the official airport of Marseille.

It is located 27 km from the city center. Is the 5th largest airport in France, serving 132 destinations.

The fastest and safest way to get to the airport or to get from the airport to the city is by using airport transfers.

BCS-bus coach hire company offers the use of bus hire and minibus rental services for organizing airport transfers.


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