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The richest city in Norway welcomes its guests.

Stavanger is surrounded by stunning fjords, picturesque mountains and long sandy beaches.

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Thanks to an impressive array of cultural events, Stavanger was the European Capital of Culture.

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Interestingly, the first traces of man on the site of the city of Stavanger date back to the Ice Age — more than 10,000 years ago. But the city itself, despite its ancient history of settlements, began to form only in the 11th-12th century. Then it received the rights of the city and began an independent history. It was a fishing town and the main occupation here was the extraction of herring and later the production of canned and smoked fish. That was until 1965. It was then that the last production of fish products was closed, and in 1969 oil was found in the North Sea. Since then, Stavanger has become the oil capital of Norway. Most of the local population is employed in the oil industry.

The modern Stavanger, with its varied restaurants and shops, features a lively atmosphere. In addition, Stavanger is a major university city.

Best beaches of Stavanger:

  • Revtangen beach is a small charming beach, perfect for walking.
  • Goodalen badeplass (Godalen badeplass) On warm summer days there is nothing better than to come here to sunbathe.
  • Bure beach. Great place for fishermen and windsurfers.
  • Hellestø Beach. A great place for windsurfers. The beach is also popular with divers. Helleste is surrounded by many viewing platforms, offering stunning views of the beach and the ocean.
  • Sande Beach This is a pretty pebble beach.

Where to eat:

  • Renaa is the only restaurant in Stavanger that recently received a Michelin star, which it undoubtedly deserves.
  • Bøker og Børst- A cozy cafe in bright colors with a charming backyard.
  • Egget-The best place in town for gourmets. Small, charming and rustic. All food will be fresh, gourmet and made from local produce.
  • Cementen- A great place for gatherings with friends, where you can listen to music while enjoying a cold beer.

Stavanger Airport

Stavanger International Airport (SVG) also known as Sola Airport, is located 11 km from Stavanger.

Stavanger Airport consists of two passenger terminals, one for airplanes and the other for helicopters.

The airport offers free access to wireless Internet Wi-Fi (lasting 2 hours).

The quickest way to get to the airport is using the airport transfer.

BCS-bus coach hire company offers the most reliable airport transfer to Stavanger.


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