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Limousine service Barcelona is the best choise to get from airport to city!

Traveling around Barcelona by a car is not only pleasant, but also saves you time.

All the offered cars meet all the necessary requirements to ensure that your stay in Barcelona was as comfortable and profitable as possible.

If you search for the vip minibus rental in Barcelona, book it now!

You have the opportunity to rent a car in barcelona for one transfer trip, for several hours for your travel around the city, for a few days and even for the entire period of your stay in the city.


Our Chauffeur service in Barcelona is a realy high quality professional service.

Our drivers are polite and speaks English.

These guys know the city very well because Barcelona is their hometown, so they are ready to conduct a world tour around the neighborhood of Barcelona, to tell you interesting events and the best restaurants, as well as to take you to a club, restaurant or shopping center.

For small group transfer we recommend you to use our v-class rental Barcelona.

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Some words about Barcelona

Barcelona is the busiest city in Spain, this city is a business part of Spain. According to legend, Barcelona was founded by the order of the famous Carthaginian commander Hamilcar Bark.

He put the name of the city of Barcino (" lightning" such as thet was commander nickname .) Later the Romans came here and created their fortification here.

Then, in the Middle Ages, this city survived many battles, capture by the Westgoths, then the Moors, then Muslims, then Louis the Pious cleared off Barcelona from them  and made it the capital, and later Barcelona gained its independence and even expanded its borders across Catalonia.

All this could not be reflected not only on the rich architecture, but also on the culture of Catalonia. Perhaps this is why Barcelona is the center of style and fashion, along with Milan and Paris.

Here, luxury boutiques are almost next to the people's markets. Here, the insane drop in prices and sales are 2 times a year: on Christmas and after July 5.

There are many gothic restaurants, fashionable clubs and luxury hotels. But it's worthwhile to be on your guard, because the city is full of pickpockets and all sorts of crooks.


The airport of Barcelona (BCN)

Bright and caloritic Barcelona, attracts with the gentle sea and the openness of its inhabitants. And it is felt even at the airport, which is only 12 km southwest of the city center.

Annually, El Prat de Llobregat Aeropuerto (BCN) receives 20 million passengers.

There are two terminals at the airport El Prat (BCN) :

Terminal 1 (abbreviated to T1) and terminal 2, consisting of three separate buildings, named T2A, T2B and T2S (between them a relatively short distance, which can be done in a few minutes on foot).

And here between т1 and т2 the big enough distance (about 5 km) therefore it is desirable will take advantage of a shuttle transport.

In order to get from the airport to the terminal of cruise ships, it is also necessary to use pre-paid leased transport, for example, the limousine service of Barcelona.

Because there is no regular communication between the airport and the seaport.

So the best decision for BCN to city transfers is to book your car in advance.

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