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Magnificent London is the best place for business, study and excursions.

Everyone must be here to see the city.

Probably for this reason the flow of tourists from around the world does not stop day or night.

BCS-bus offers to rent a bus in London

This is probably the best offer for:

  • Travel companies planning to send a group to London
  • For excursions of students and schoolchildren
  • For tours of various societies and organizations
  • For corporate events in London
  • For celebrations or events
  • For film crews and artists

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To rent bus in london is the best way to travel!

What to see in London:

  • Tower Bridge - a swing bridge over the River Thames
  • Big Ben- a famous tower, along with the watch dial
  • London Tower Fortress, on the banks of the Thames, the age of 900 years, is known as a prison for noblemen.
  • Buckingham Palace- the official residence of the ruling dynasty in London
  • Palace of Westminster - the seat of the British Parliament
  • Kensington Palace is the smallest royal residence
  • Westminster Abbey - the site of the coronation and burial of British monarchs
  • St. Paul's Cathedral – the burial place for many iconic personalities of British history: Winston Churchill, Admiral Nelson, I. Fleming and others
  • Trafalgar Square is a square in central London where the British “zero kilometer” passes
  • British Museum- a historical and archaeological museum
  • London National Gallery - more than 2000 samples of Western European painting are exhibited,
  • Madame Tussauds - London Museum of Wax
  • Sherlock Holmes Museum- the house museum of the Popular Detective in Baker Street
  • British Tate Gallery of Modern Art
  • The Royal Theater Covent Garden is the most prestigious operatic square
  • Albert Hall- a concert Hall, reminiscent of the Roman Colosseum
  • Hyde Park is a typical English landscape park

BCS-Bus offers to rent a bus in London

Modern comfortable buses, minibuses and minivans are prepared for you.

Fill out an online request and experts of our team will gladly help you rent a bus in London

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