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Milan is an old city with a rich history, full of masterpieces of art and architecture!

In addition, the center of business, finance and fashion capital!

Renting a bus in Milan will allow you to optimally create your trip!

You can use airport transfer services, one way transfer, daily charter or hourly rental.

Our company have at disposal:

  • Buses / Coaches
  • Minibuses
  • Vans
  • Sedans

Renting a bus in Milan would be especially beneficial if you are:

  • a travel agency planning a group trip to Milan
  • taking a group of schoolchildren or students to Milan
  • planning a seminar in Milan, a business meeting
  • going to celebrate a wedding, anniversary or other celebrations in Milan
  • a film crew, and you are going to shoot photos or video contents in Milan
  • planing to bring star teams or VIPs to Milan
  • arrranging a family trip or relaxing with friends in Milan

BCS Bus provides service for both - companies and individuals.

In order to rent a bus in Milan you need to simply fill out an application online.

Within a few hours you will receive an answer with a route and estimate.

At your request, you will be helped to build the best route.

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To rent a bus in Milan for sightseeing

List of the most popular and most interesting tourist destinations in Milan

  • Milan Cathedral is a majestic gothic building, the main decoration of the city and the symbol of Milan
  • Sforza Castle is the most popular Milan castle among tourists, built in XV. By the way, Leonardo da Vinci personally dealt with the decoration of this castle.
  • Pinacoteca Brera is the largest museum of Milan. It exhibits one of the largest collections of Italian painting of XIV-XIX
  • The Basilica of St. Ambrose is a building that is almost a thousand years old.
  • The Brera Quarter is one of the places where a tourist in Milan should go hunting for impressions.
  • The church of San Maurizio lets you see the stunning beauty of the frescoes of the XVI century, being as well as the museum of archeology with a rich collection of weapons (Celtic, Etruscan and Roman), jewelry, ceramics and household items.
  • The Poldi Pezzoli Museum has artworks, antique weapons, decorations and antiques. Here, among other things, you can see paintings by Botticelli, Bellini, Mantegna and many other masters of Italian painting.
  • Naviglio Grande is the oldest canal in Europe (built in the XII century) as much as 48 kilometers long. It connects Milan with the town of Tornavento.
  • Sempione Park is a corner of wildlife in the middle of a lively city. You can relax here, or you can indulge in active rest!
  • The Museum of Science and Technology has three floors dedicated to all sorts of technical inventions of man!
  • Vittorio Emanuele Gallery is not just a reason for shopping, it is a beautiful quarter with shops covered with a glass dome, and decorated with frescoes, sculptures and statues.
  • La Scala Theater, the world's most famous opera house.
  • Milan Contemporary Art Gallery.
  • Igrosso district is an ideal place for shopping with its various wholesale and discount stores, where you can find some unusual and original things of a young creative designer or even a recognized master of the fashion industry.
  • Toy Museum - A great place to immerse yourself in pleasant nostalgia for childhood and find out what toys were in children of past centuries.

Our suggestions to eat in Milan?

  • Pizzeria Spontini - it is here that pizza is prepared according to the original recipe, which has not changed since 1953.
  • Cafe Chocolat is the place for the most delicious Italian icecream.

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