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Welcome to Stavanger!

A small cozy town of 4 largest in Norway is full of interesting things.

In addition, this place is one of the most ancient places

People began to settle here more than 10 thousand years ago.

You can rent a bus in Stavanger on favorable terms.

Bcs-bus organize a trip to Stavanger for corporate and private clients.

We especially recommend it:

  • For travel agents
  • For educational institutions
  • For event services
  • For companies accepting deligations
  • For individuals planning holidays in Norway

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    to rent a bus in Stavanger for sightseeing

    So what to see in Stavanger?

    • Old Stavanger - be sure to walk through the streets of the old city
    • The Stavranger Oil Museum flourished after oil was discovered in Norway, therefore the Oil Museum is a sort of business card.
    • Lysefjord is one of the most visited natural attractions of Stavanger.
    • The oldest cathedral in Norway- It was built in the distant 1100 by decree of the Crusaders.
    • Monument “Swords in stone” - Dedicated to the battle that took place between King Harold I the Beautiful Haired and his opponents in 872.

    And some interesting facts about Stavanger

    • Stavanger is the richest city in Norway.
    • The second name of Stavanger is the white city.
    • In Stavanger, there is only one street with buildings that are not painted white. Its name is “colored”.
    • In the entire history of Stavanger, there were more than 200 fires in the city.
    • The approximate age of Lysefjord is 400 million years.
    • A traditional Norwegian dish is brown cheese made from condensed milk.
    • The economy of Stavanger in Norway is on four “S” - herring, shipping, sprats, oil (Seld, ship, sprot, statoil).

    Just rent a bus in Stavanger!

    Bcs-bus wishes you a pleasant trip and good mood!

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