Maxim Saenko



Maxim Saenko, our COO, steers the ship with a serene but deeply rooted passion for stories and travel. His role extends beyond operations and decision-making, and mercifully into the world of our BCS blog.

Maxim is not the author of the stories we share, he is the silent guide, making sure that each narrative flows into the hearts of our readers, remaining intact and recognised. The pages of our blog, under Maxim's keen editorial eye, become a haven for the adventures of countless souls. He does not insert his voice, but instead makes sure that every whisper of adventures, smiles and sunsets remains intact. His editorial oversight is not about change, but about respect, allowing each story to retain its original spirit.

Although his role is operational, there is a soft echo in Maxim's heart of the unpronounceable words of the languages he respectfully embraces on his quiet journeys. His role as editor is not to dominate, but to delicately preserve, so that the quiet charm of each culture and linguistic melody finds its place in our stories without losing its original warmth and sincerity.

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