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Charter Bus: A Perfect Solution from BCS Travel for Any Occasion

Logistics makes an important part of every event. No matter what you are going to do, you will need to get to the destination. Even if you have got a driving license, it often makes sense to entrust transportation to a professional bus charter service.

Here are the key benefits of a coach hire provided by BCS Travel:

  • All the arrangements are carried out by pros who know what to take into account. Unfortunately, trying to arrange logistics on one’s own, people do not pay due attention to the legislation in force, toll roads, required number of stops, etc.
    Hence, this leads to additional expenses and running out of the schedule. With a bus rental service, all these will be avoided.

  • The time is saved, hence, you may concentrate on other important matters. No matter what you plan, a business trip or touristic journey, charter bus rental frees you from spending hours in search of optimum routes and making schedules.

  • The safety of all the passengers is ensured. In the first place, with private charter bus rentals, you can be sure that all the safety precautions are taken into account by BCS Travel.

    Seat belts, ABS, airbags, as well as proper functioning assemblies of a charter bus.
    A reliable service would never risk the lives and health of travelers.
    Besides, passengers are insured that serves as an additional benefit in the event of accidents.

  • Possibility to relax during the trip is provided. On vacation or a business trip, the feasibility to have rest while traveling is one of the greatest advantages you will experience with a bus rental service.

    Sleep after a tiring flight or get ready for the presentation, no matter, on the board of a coach it will be convenient.


Charter Bus Rental for a Perfect Vacation

European countries have a concentration of historical sights, amusement entertainments, resorts, and business venues. Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and other countries attract millions of travelers from all over the world. Airports and railway stations are overcrowded. With the service of a coach bus rental, you and your travel companions will avoid the discomfort experienced in the places with a high concentration of people.

Rent a Bus for a Day to Get to the Destination

Just imagine how comfortable it is to exit from the zone of customs control and be met by a friendly driver who will accompany you to a charter coach bus parked nearby. It sounds like the beginning of a fantastic vacation, doesn’t it? In such a way, your friends and family can relax after a tiring flight. Pickup from the airport is one of the most frequently-ordered bus charter hire services.

Groups of 7 to 30 Passengers Bus Rental and Even More

The driver will bring you to the hotel where you are going to stay. You can also rent a bus for a week if you plan a sightseeing tour that includes diverse destinations. Just provide the details of your tour while ordering bus hire with driver, all the rest will be provided by BCS Travel specialists. For large groups, we provide 30, 40, and even 50 passengers bus rental. For small companies, we also provide private charter bus services — there are minivans and minibusses at your disposal.

Bus Hire with Driver: The Service for Diverse Needs

To provide small and large bus rental services, the experience of the company plays an important role. At BCS Travel, we know what you need due to our vast experience. Among our clients, there are:

  • Big & small enterprises
  • Travel agencies
  • Event organizers
  • PR and advertising agencies
  • Business travelers
  • Families and private touristic groups

How to Rent a Bus for a Week Vacation?

Daily, we receive multiple requests on 40 passengers bus rental or the questions on how to rent a coach bus for a weekend. Our staff gladly replies to all the questions that arise. Besides, the call center works 24/7, hence, you may have no worries about the time zones. Call us at any convenient time. To get a quick quote on a shuttle bus rental, you may also fill in the form on our site.

BCS Travel: From Several to 50 Passengers Bus Rental

Predominantly, a coach is rent by big groups that is price-reasonable. However, it does not mean that if you are a group of five who need to rent a bus for a day, it will cost you a fortune. The specialists of BCS Travel will carefully check your request and select the most appropriate vehicle so that you experience no discomfort at reasonable pricing. Passengers can safely enjoy their trip while all the rest will be provided by our staff. Even if you are a group of 30 passengers, bus rental is the easiest logistics solution.

Private Charter Bus for Business Events and Conferences

Zurich, Frankfurt-am-Main, Vienna, Amsterdam, and other cities are not just sightseeing destinations. These are the cities where lots of events are regularly carried out: conferences & seminars, exhibitions & presentations, etc. It is convenient and time-saving to rent a charter bus for a day when an event takes place.

Customized Solutions and Friendly Support

For our customers, BCS Travel provides flexible services. We understand that the more people are involved, the harder it is to arrange everything smoothly. It may be necessary to collect the participants at different locations (airports, railway stations, hotels, etc.), as well as bring them later back. You can rely on the professionalism of our employees. As soon as they collect all the necessary information, a big coach bus or several minivans, for instance, will be arranged.

From a Dozen to 40 Passengers Bus Rental Is at Your Disposal

Despite the number of passengers, as well as their locations, you can rely on us to arrange logistics for an event. Our company headquarters are in Amsterdam, hence, our activity is effectively arranged so that to minimize any possible delays. As soon as we are provided with the flights’ schedules and agendas, you can be sure to be on time wherever it is needed.

Luxury Bus Rental with Driver: The Best Quality and Safety are Ensured

BCS Travel is ready to meet any of your requirements. If the status of guests, as well as your preferences, impose strict demands on the vehicles’ state and exterior, we can provide a VIP charter bus at your disposal. Ordering a standard vehicle or a luxury bus rental with driver, you can be sure that a vehicle picking you up will be comfortable and safe:

  • Every coach is checked before every trip, as well as prescribed by the manufacturer maintenance is carried out — safety comes first.

  • All the consumables and liquids are added — no delays on the way to the destination.

  • The interior and exterior of a vehicle are clean and well-cared — your comfort is our priority.

  • Every driver is professional, friendly, English-speaking, and supportive — you can expect assistance whenever it is required.

Discover Europe with BCS Travel

Whenever there is a need to arrange logistics in one of the European countries, finding a reliable company providing coach hire with driver services is the most significant task. You have landed at the right destination — BCS Travel is an experienced operator with comfy vehicles, a friendly and professional team, and round-the-clock readiness to assist.

The services of coach rental are our specialization, hence, you can expect the best experience in Europe. Dial 00 31 20 241 6995 and travel safely, comfortably, and budget-friendly with BCS Travel.

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