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It is not an easy task to find a good bus hire Germany these days. Our company offers great solutions for both private and corporate transportation. The years of expertise in transportation fields have brought us a very clear understanding of what good transportation needs to look like. We implement the best practices in our company to make your trip the best possible thing that you’ve ever experienced.

Bus rental Germany is made very easy with us, you can send a request to get all the information about the prices and to get a fully customized service from us. You can be sure that you are in the hands of a professional team. We have worked with many different custom orders, and we know how things work in the best secure way.

One of the best German coach companies

There are many German coach companies, but we are one of the best. We provide great VIP transportation services. You can fully rely on our magnificent chauffeur service. Hundreds and hundreds of satisfied clients choose our company for their coach hire needs.

We have studied all the best bus charter Germany services to gather all the best practises that they use in one unique service the BCS Travel company. We have added to it our own experience and have made a great service personally for you. Not many companies can provide you with good customizable transportation that will fit your personal needs in the best way, but we have the ability to do it.

Our buses are available in these cities: Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Dresden, Bremen, Hannover, Mannheim, Leipzig, Baden-Baden, Bonn, Heidelberg

Our minibuses are available in these cities: Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Dresden, Bremen, Hannover, Mannheim, Leipzig, Baden-Baden, Bonn, Heidelberg

What are bus rental Germany prices?

Bus rental Germany prices may vary depending on a season — during summer it is a High Season. All prices go up and companies are overbooked (people book for a high season in advance). Last-minute booking may be more expensive as well. If it is not simple one-group transportation and there is a need for a transportation manager it may be more expensive (manager is needed for bigger events like corporate gatherings, political events etc).

One more thing that can influence coach charter Germany prices are some kind of a big event in the city or region, for example, some festival or a football competition or any other kind of cultural celebration. So we advise you to check what is going on at the time when you're planning to come, or you can simply send us a request for a quote, and we will give you all the information about the pricing.

Please be sure to book a coach hire Germany in advance then you get the best prices and best offers. When you're trying to book something during the summer season you will probably get into some expensive offers. It happens because of that: almost every bus is already booked by other clients or customers, so in this case, we need to get buses from other cities or other regions, and it may cost you some extra money.

When dealing with big events, it is very easy to get into some kind of havoc with all kinds of the logistic organization, so we at bus charter service Germany offer personal logistic manager for this kind of occasions. We will manage all of the transportation questions on our side. Then you can be sure that everything will work out fine. Of course, it comes with some additional cost but in real-world situations, it's much cheaper to get the manager instead of getting in trouble with delaying some huge event.

Reliable and trusted by corporate clients charter bus Germany

Charter bus Germany Is well-known and used by corporate clients. Some of them are IT giants like Microsoft others are huge food chains like Starbucks, car manufacturers Audi, Hyundai, and many other companies including the American Express and Air China. We are really glad to have this kind of clients helping us to grow in experience and performance.

What we at charter bus rental Germany have learned is that when you are working in highly competitive fields you need to provide a great product. Especially when we are talking about providing some kind of service for big companies that have great responsibilities in front of their clients and customers. So everything needs to be done just fine. Everything needs to be well done.

Not only we are trusted by corporate clients, but we are trusted by politicians as well. The coach bus rental in Germany was used to perform many political events. We have transported high-level ministers, presidents and other political leaders. Contact us now and let the job be done by our team of professionals.

Have you ever tried a shuttle bus rental Germany?

It is a great idea to get a shuttle bus rental Germany for your airport transportation. That way you will always be sure that the bus will be waiting for you. Regular airport shuttles not always can assure that. In case of an emergency, we are capable of providing you with a different bus so you will be at your hotel no matter the circumstances. In a case of last-minute booking, additional charges may appear.

Why to use chauffeur service Germany instead of an ordinary taxi?

With chauffeur service in Germany you can be sure that you'll get the most efficient transportation for your event. We can provide you with vehicles both for small groups and big ones. Our chauffeurs are well-trained and speak very good English so you can be sure that you will be understood and you will receive all the answers that you need.

So why to rent a car with a driver in Germany instead of an ordinary Taxi? First of all, you can be sure that we will bring you where you need to be safely. Secondly, we will provide you with a clear understanding of how much it will cost. Thirdly you'll be driven by high-level professionals who know local places very well.

By using car rental with a driver in Germany you ensure that your guests will get to your event in perfect time. No delays, the driver we will meet and greet you at any place whether it will be a hotel or an airport or some conference hall or a restaurant.

Go for minibus rental Germany when travelling with a bigger group of people

It may sound that using a minibus rental Germany is an option only for a small group of people but in reality, when you need to transport huge amounts of people from different places it is much better to choose many minibuses instead of using one bus that goes all the places around to pick-up each separate group.

Minibus hire Germany Uses only the best VIP Mercedes-Benz minibuses. You can be sure that your clients or guests will be really happy about transportation quality. Driven by professional chauffeurs the vehicles are in excellent technical condition, we check them before and after every trip so you can be sure for the safety of your team.

If you need further information, do not hesitate in contacting us.
Feel free to call us today at +31 20 241 69 95 to receive a free quote!

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Questions & Answers
How much does it cost to rent a bus or mini minibus?

Depending on the season, order type and bus category, the prices differed greatly.
Here are a few examples:
1. A modern 53 seater bus with premium equipment and driven by an English speaking driver costs around 620-750 EUR per day
2. A modern 49 seater bus with standard equipment and driven by a driver with basic knowledge of English costs about 570-700 EUR per day
3. A modern 16 seater Mercedes Benz minibus with premium equipment and driven by a driver with fluent English costs about 460-600 EUR per day
Tell us your travel plans and we will calculate the exact price including all kilometers, taxes, city entrance permits, road and parking fees.

How much luggage per person can be taken along?

European buses are basically designed so that a medium suitcase (cm 70/50/38) and a small backpack (cm 40/30/17) can be taken per person. If you are not sure whether your luggage fits in the bus, it is best to ask our consultant and he will help you.

What bus sizes are there?

There are many bus categories with a different number of seats.
6-7 seater mini minivan
16-19 seater mini minibus
29-32 seater midi minibus
49-59 seater bus
72-81 seater double-decker bus

How are your buses equipped?

All buses we offer are modern and at least equipped with reclining seats, air conditioning, radio system, microphone and navigation.
We also offer premium buses that are equipped with
tinted panoramic windows, quality multimedia system, galley where hot drinks can be prepared, fridge, toilet, Wi-Fi and 220 V socket next to each seat.
Please describe your travel idea to us and we will choose and offer you the right vehicle.

How are the prices calculated?

Prices are calculated based on a type of service, seasonal transportation availability and the number of bookings made by the customer. For bookings that are made one month or longer in advance, we offer more favorable prices.

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