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A major participant of logistic and business activities in Europe for some, a beloved destination for tourism filled with magnificent attractions for others… Amsterdam is the center of international trades of all types. That is why this city fascinates millions of people across the globe year after year and why BCS Travel has selected it to host the headquarters of its widely popular bus rental services.

Another reason why our coach hire company perfectly fits this city is our concern with the environment: by using the latest technologies available in the transportation field, we have experienced an astonishing drop in our CO2 emissions. That means we offer the greenest vehicles available for trips of all kinds, whether for small or large groups. Our buses cause a better impact than cars, airplanes, or even trains.

Those and many other reasons makes our Amsterdam bus rental a great choice not only for tourism but also for corporate transfer: it will create a highly positive image for any company that uses such eco-friendly transportation.

Once you also consider the amazing VIP service that we provide, you will realize that we can make your trip to Amsterdam a very pleasant experience.

High-tech bus charter for a high-tech city

We know you want the best options on everything, and we strive to provide them to you. Our bus charter in Amsterdam offers cutting-edge systems for climate control and onboard entertainment to make your trip as comfortable as possible. We also have a modern contact service: filling our request form only takes a couple minutes and allow us to contact you back with the information you need before hiring our services.

Choosing our European bus tour company is better than using public transportation even in the Netherlands, whose infrastructure is one of the most developed in the entire EU. Do you want to know why?

Lower cost

groups who use our bus Amsterdam rental services pay less per person than if they chose train or city bus for all their transportation needs

Safer transportation

unfortunately, big cities attract scammers and thieves besides tourists and businesspeople. If you hire a coach, your Amsterdam trip will be free of memories such as having a personal belonging stolen, or being scammed by someone on the street.

Efficient timing

public transportation and regular flights have schedules that are not always convenient; passengers end up having to rush through gates and/or wait hours for their next service. Our Amsterdam charter takes you to your destinations much more quickly.

Technical quality

all BCS Travel vehicles are only allowed to provide service to customers after thorough maintenance inside and out. With our coach service, your Amsterdam trip will not be marked by being stranded in the middle of a highway because of a broken bus.

Bus Fleet For Charter in Amsterdam

Our bus fleet brands: Setra, Mercedes-Benz, Man, Volvo

BCS Travel — Bus Hire Amsterdam Services Provider

We stand out in the segment of Amsterdam bus rental companies because we are experienced and trusted by many customers. That happens as a result of our effort to provide the best service and to know the details of the country and its capital. Here are some details on that topic:

BCS Travel has arranged countless trip plans across Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and many other European countries for years.

Some of the companies which regularly use our services are worldwide-known giants such as American Express, Audi, Canon, Hyundai, Microsoft and TUI.

Having our headquarters in the capital of the Netherlands makes this bus hire Amsterdam company the best choice for all kinds of travel groups.

Make Your Amsterdam Trip Trouble-Free

Once you provide the information we need about your trip, feel free to relax: our bus will arrive on time to pick you up. Besides that, you will have a driver who speaks English and will be happy to accommodate in case you come to need to make changes to your itinerary.

Whenever you need to contact us, keep in mind that we offer many ways for that: email, hotline, website form, or even WhatsApp chat. Feel free to choose the most convenient one for you.

Chauffeured bus in Amsterdam for entrepreneurs that love freedom

Why drive yourself, whether a car, a van, or a bus, when you can delegate that task? Especially to someone who is a professional in the field? Let us take that burden off your shoulders so you can feel free to enjoy your trip the way you want. Hiring a chauffeured bus in Amsterdam will be the easiest solution to such a complicated job.

Those characteristics allow the BCS bus to step in with a futuristic image and provide client-friendly services. Putting innovation to practice is an important part of our company’s image as well as offering our clients many options to customize our service. We want all that to give you peace of mind and the certainty of having hired the best professionals to take care of your transportation.

In order to offer a high-quality service, we make it a priority to keep our bus fleet well maintained. We take serious care of each vehicle and, at the same time, recruit only the best professionals to operate them. They will drive you wherever you want to go with a good attitude and plenty of knowledge of what to recommend and how to plan the necessary routes.

By hiring our bus in Amsterdam, you are going to enjoy stability and good planning. We step aside to give you many opportunities regarding your travel routes, but also stay close to you to offer the best advice whenever needed. Everything to make sure that you will reach your destinations on time and with a pleasant experience.

Group Transportation Services in Amsterdam

Do you have students looking to visit a specific place to learn more? Professionals in need to attend a major event without delays? Researchers looking for new findings at an outside location? It does not matter what you need; BCS offers the best group transportation services Amsterdam you could find in Europe. Here, we are going to explain all the details regarding how we can assist your group.

It is a pleasure for us to offer services to all types of clients. Students, sports teams, employees, and researchers are just a few examples. We can only do that because we offer a huge array of options: vehicles of all sizes, experienced drivers who are fluent in English, and stable operations in every big city in Europe. With that, we can adapt our group transportation Amsterdam to every single client.

If you are interested in that, the next step is filling our online form. The more details you give about what you need, the better we will be able to use our resources to cater to your group.

Our goal is to adapt our transportation for groups Amsterdam in order to deliver exactly what you need, whether your group travels for studies, leisure or work. BCS can make your travel experience quick and easy.

Rent a bus airport Amsterdam

Rent a bus in Amsterdam airport to make sure that you get to your hotel or conference on time and in perfect shape. Besides that, keep in mind that we can also provide further transportation if you need – to attend a concert or visit a museum, for example.

Once again, all you need is to provide us with the details of your needs and our team will put all the variety of our services at your disposal.

If you need further information, do not hesitate in contacting us.
Feel free to call us today at +31 20 700 88 60 to receive a free quote!

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Questions & Answers
How much does it cost to rent a bus or mini minibus?

Depending on the season, order type and bus category, the prices differed greatly.
Here are a few examples:
1. A modern 53 seater bus with premium equipment and driven by an English speaking driver costs around 620-750 EUR per day
2. A modern 49 seater bus with standard equipment and driven by a driver with basic knowledge of English costs about 570-700 EUR per day
3. A modern 16 seater Mercedes Benz minibus with premium equipment and driven by a driver with fluent English costs about 460-600 EUR per day
Tell us your travel plans and we will calculate the exact price including all kilometers, taxes, city entrance permits, road and parking fees.

How much luggage per person can be taken along?

European buses are basically designed so that a medium suitcase (cm 70/50/38) and a small backpack (cm 40/30/17) can be taken per person. If you are not sure whether your luggage fits in the bus, it is best to ask our consultant and he will help you.

What bus sizes are there?

There are many bus categories with a different number of seats.
6-7 seater mini minivan
16-19 seater mini minibus
29-32 seater midi minibus
49-59 seater bus
72-81 seater double-decker bus

How are your buses equipped?

All buses we offer are modern and at least equipped with reclining seats, air conditioning, radio system, microphone and navigation.
We also offer premium buses that are equipped with
tinted panoramic windows, quality multimedia system, galley where hot drinks can be prepared, fridge, toilet, Wi-Fi and 220 V socket next to each seat.
Please describe your travel idea to us and we will choose and offer you the right vehicle.

How are the prices calculated?

Prices are calculated based on a type of service, seasonal transportation availability and the number of bookings made by the customer. For bookings that are made one month or longer in advance, we offer more favorable prices.

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