The Ultimate Guide to Frankfurt Airport (FRA): Charter Bus Stops & Navigational Tips

Eugene Bulan
Updated: 13/05/2024

Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

This city has a growing importance in its country, so its airport must keep up with the pace. It is formally named Flughafen Frankfurt Main and has been active since 1936. During such a period, it has gone through reconstructions and expansions of all kinds. Nowadays, it is one of the busiest in the country and the continent. It is a main hub for Lufthansa and Condor.

FRA airport at a glance

  • IATA code: FRA
  • ICAO code: EDDF
  • WMO code: 10637
  • Location: Frankfurt am Main
  • Time zone: GMT+2

Navigating From Terminals to Charter Bus Stop (P36) at FRA airport

frankfurt airport terminal

First of all, it is important to know that there is an internal bus line that connects both terminals of the FRA airport. Therefore, if you ever make a mistake about where to find your BCS driver, it will be easy to go to the correct one. That service happens every 10 minutes and is free of charge.

frankfurt airport terminal 1

When it comes to transportation between the airport and the city, the first thing to keep in mind is the P36 parking lot. It is exclusively dedicated to long-distance buses such as those from BCS Travel. We are going to help you in both cases: when you arrive at the airport and when you are leaving it.

frankfurt airport terminal 2

Arriving at the FRA airport

  • Terminal 1: your BCS driver will drop you off at the P36 lot. Then, you can reach Terminal 1 by walking a short path that takes nothing but 5 minutes.
  • Terminal 2: you can take that internal bus shuttle at the same P36 lot. It will drop you off at the Terminal 2 in around five minutes.

Leaving the FRA airport

  • Terminal 1: ou can take arrival hall C and follow the path on foot towards the P36 lot. Make sure to stay to the right and follow the Intercity bus signs. It is also possible to use that internal shuttle to reach the P36 lot.
  • Terminal 2: you can take the internal shuttle bus to reach the P36 parking lot in 5 minutes.

What do you know about the FRA airport?

After an extensive renovation, Terminal 1 was opened in 1972. It is divided into Concourses A, B and C and has a total of 56 gates. Besides, it features an electric system to handle your baggage. That terminal is also named “Terminal Mitte” and has a railway station of its own.

Terminal 2 was built as a result of Mitte’s capacity being exceeded. It is divided into D and E concourses and opened in 1994. After that, the airport also received the Sky Line system to better move passengers between both terminals. A second railway station opened in 1999.

The FRA airport offers a booking service for parking: you pay ahead and use a QR code when you enter the facility. If you already know your terminal, it has special rates for you to park right next to it. You can also obtain special rates as a business client, as a tourist on holidays, or if you own an electric car – you can recharge it with safety while you stay at the airport.

You can also opt for the Park, Sleep & Fly service. It is a bundle with an overnight stay at the nearby hotels. By paying only one fee, you can properly sleep before your flight and wake up at a facility within a walking distance of your terminal. There are three hotel options for that.

FRA airport statistics

  • 48.9 million passengers in 2022 in 382,211 aircraft movements
  • 2 million tons of freight cargo handled in 2022
  • The Frankfurt airport currently has four runways of 4 km each
  • The FRA airport has plans to expand even further by adding a third terminal
  • The majority of traffic comes from Lufthansa and Star Alliance partners

FRA airport trivia

  • Given the importance Frankfurt has for the country, the FRA airport is continuously receiving expansions. The latest one was the addition of a fourth runway.
  • In 2011, an office building named The Squaire was opened. It stays on top of the airport’s long-distance station and is the largest of its kind in the whole country.
  • Parking used to be a big concern for people using the Frankfurt Airport. As a result, the administration created many service categories to make it easier to pay and use.

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