Essential Tips for a Smooth Bus Trip

Eugene Bulan
Updated: 27/10/2023

In theory, there’s nothing to hate in a bus trip. There is an endless scenery to enjoy, hours to catch up with your friends or relatives – or with work – and even some time to take a nap. But we know that nothing is perfect… Sadly, bus travel has some problems here and there we have to deal with.

Most trips take a long time, there may be problems on the road, the weather may block your vision of the environment… and if you’re traveling with unpleasant people, everything gets worse. Not to mention you can only nap for so long. But there’s no reason to worry. We’ve brought ways to help.

Leave some room in your stuff

We all have a tendency to pack too much. It’s hard to travel with the feeling that you left something behind. Clothes are a particular case of that: what if we can’t look our best just because those jeans didn’t come with us? We understand those issues, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about them.

Bus travel is much more flexible than airplanes in terms of luggage capacity, sure. But the more you pack, the heavier your bags obviously become. It’s simply terrible to carry large and heavy suitcases wherever you go. Casual walks become stressful because you can’t unwind and enjoy the moment.

Another advantage is that you can use the space for the souvenirs you may want to buy. This way, your baggage will still be manageable by the time you have to come back. No one likes to end up juggling many plastic bags along with everything else just because the gifts didn’t fit in the suitcase.

Never underestimate rest stops

The less we stop, the earlier we get there. We know all that. However, we’re all different people, so we don’t feel comfortable for the same time. Rest stops allow people to use the bathroom, have a snack, take some photos, catch phone reception, and simply stretch their legs. That’s all important.

Children and the elderly need those stops more than adults. Some people may need to get in touch with loved ones via phone, which isn’t always possible on the road. And we all have basic needs to address. For those people, making periodic stops is much more desirable than arriving a little early.

At BCS Travel, all bus charter rentals come with a professional driver. If you’re in doubt about how many rest stops to do, feel free to chat with your driver. They’re all experienced in the field, so they will know the most appropriate number considering all the people who are going to travel with you.

Don’t obsess about planning

We all want to make the highest use of our time. Visit many cities, enjoy many attractions, travel at the highest speed etc. However, the more we obsess about those details, the more theoretical our trip becomes. In other words, the further from reality the plan goes. That’s definitely not desirable.

There will always be variables that escape our control. The weather, everyone’s health, the traffic… The healthiest attitude here is to draw your travel plan leaving margins for potential problems. This way, everyone will have a beautiful time. There will be no feeling that they have deadlines to meet.

Now that you’ve learned those valuable tips, it’s time to get started with your travel project. Next time you want a bus trip, make sure to contact BCS Travel. Our specialists will be thrilled to assist you with your transportation needs and design the best service package for you and your group.

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Eugene Bulan

Eugene Bulan, CEO of BCS Bus Travel, steers the company with not just a keen business mind but a true traveler's spirit. Managing the ins and outs of the company, his days are often filled with making big decisions, ironing out operations, and ensuring each journey offered by BCS is special and seamless for every traveler. It's not just about numbers for him; it’s about crafting experiences, bringing joy to travelers, and ensuring every bus journey feels like a little adventure.

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