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Eugene Bulan
Updated: 07/06/2024

Charter bus trips are great for parties, field trips, even business transportation. After all, they cover long distances in a reasonable time and, if you are traveling with BCS Travel, at low costs. However, they will be extremely boring if everyone spends the whole time using their phones or taking a nap.

Here, we are going to show you ideas of games to play on a bus. They are simple to execute and can be easily adaptable to small and big groups. We consider them great opportunities for everyone to interact, get to know one another and bond. Not to mention they can make time go by much faster.

We decided to publish an article about this topic because BCS can take care of everything else for you. We work with transportation specialists who have vast experience in drawing the best routes to drive you anywhere, so you can simply sit back, relax… and enjoy fun games to play on the bus.

What to know about bus ride games?

First of all, it’s important for you to keep in mind how many people will be traveling and how long is the trip. That will help you decide which and how many games to play, for example. After all, it’ll be better to finish one game with time to spare than to interrupt the next one because you’ve arrived.

Another important point is organization. Some games require preparation, such as paper sheets for everyone or even bringing a small speaker along. Besides that, it’s always good to keep one person as the moderator to keep everything under control. Especially if you are going to use point systems.

Last, but not least, we know that everyone becomes more interested when prizes are involved. Not necessarily expensive ones, though: it can be something as simple as a chocolate box, or having the losing team buy dessert. People are moved by the feeling of victory more than the actual money.

1. Road Trip Bingo

Imagine playing road trip bingo on your next bus journey. Your bingo card might include items like these ones:

  • Red convertible car zooming by
  • Quaint water tower on the horizon
  • Colorful billboard promoting a fast-food chain
  • License plate from a distant state
  • Gas station with prices ending in a given digit

Keep your eyes peeled and mark off each item as you spot it, racing your fellow passengers to be the first to complete a row or column and claim victory.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Picture yourself on a bus trip scavenger hunt, collecting items and experiences along the way. Your list could challenge you to get a receipt from a gas station, snap a photo of a roadside attraction, or grab a brochure from a rest stop. As you gather each item, the excitement builds, pushing you to be the first to complete the list and secure your place as the scavenger hunt champion.

3. Twenty Questions

Consider adapting the classic game of 20 questions for your next bus trip with colleagues. One person picks a person, place, or thing related to your work field—perhaps a flagship product or an influential figure. The others take turns asking clever yes or no questions, gradually narrowing down the possibilities until someone correctly guesses the answer.

4. License Plate Game

Picture a lively bus ride where everyone is engaged in the license plate game. Armed with a list of plates from various states or provinces, players scan the passing vehicles and mark off each plate they spot. The friendly competition keeps everyone active, as participants race to be the first to find all the plates on their list and claim bragging rights for the rest of the trip.

5. Spotting Game

Fill the bus with laughter and friendly rivalry as passengers engage in a spotting game. The group chooses a common item to look for, such as red cars, trucks from a particular company, or even a type of tree. You can form teams with window and aisle seaters to make it fair. As the bus rolls along, teammates work together to spot and count the chosen item. The team with the highest count at the end wins.

6. Chain Game

Imagine breaking the ice on a long bus ride with a lively round of the chain game. The first participant kicks things off by saying a word related to a chosen topic, like popular singers. The next player must quickly come up with a word beginning with the last letter of the previous word:

  • Radiohead
  • Dua Lipa
  • AC/DC
  • Christina Aguilera...

As the game progresses, the words become more obscure, testing players' knowledge and creativity, with the occasional stumble leading to good-natured laughter.

7. Tell a Story

Picture a bus full of aspiring storytellers, each eager to contribute to a tale that unfolds with every passing mile. The first player sets the scene with just four words:

  • “In a distant galaxy..."
  • “...a brave astronaut explored..."
  • “...the area and found...”
  • “...a whole new species...”

As the story grows, each player must think quickly to maintain the narrative flow, weaving in unexpected twists and turns. The end result is a collaborative work that keeps everyone entertained and engaged throughout the journey.

8. Question Games

Imagine a bus buzzing with excitement as the host prepares to kick off a round of question games. Armed with a microphone and a list of challenging questions, the host keeps players on their toes, firing off queries that test their knowledge and quick-thinking skills.

  • What’s the capital of Argentina? Buenos Aires!
  • Who played Dominic Toretto? Vin Diesel!
  • A striped animal besides the zebra? Raccoon!
  • An Italian dessert made with cheese? Tiramisu!

Hands shoot up as participants aim to be the first to respond, hoping to score a point for their team. The competition is fierce but friendly, with the occasional stumper leading to groans and laughter.

9. Trivia

Picture a bus filled with trivia enthusiasts ready to put their knowledge to the test. The host announces the first category—"Famous Landmarks"—and the game begins. Players listen intently to each question, racking their brains for the correct answer.

  • What’s the landmark shaped like a letter of the alphabet? (Eiffel Tower)
  • What’s the landmark that exists in many cities? (The Obelisk)
  • Where is the Taj Mahal located? (Agra, India)
  • Where is the big Christ statue located? (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Some questions are met with a flurry of raised hands, while others lead to furrowed brows and hushed discussions. As the game progresses, the competition heats up, with teams working hard for the lead and celebrating every hard-earned point.

10. Guess the Lyrics

Imagine a bus ride transformed into a rolling karaoke party, courtesy of the "Guess the Lyrics" game. As a popular tune fills the air, players hum along, waiting for the moment when the music suddenly stops. The host points to a random participant, putting them on the spot to belt out the next line.

Some players nail it with confidence, while others fade into laughter as they stumble over the words. The game continues, with each successful guess earning a point and every missed lyric leading to a chorus of good-natured teasing.

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