What to do on a long bus ride without electronics?

Eugene Bulan
Updated: 27/10/2023

If that headline alone made you hear your children crying and nagging you for a screen to play with, I get you. Our kids are practically addicted to electronics these days, to the point where we have to take action. Here, we’re going to help you with 10 things to do on the bus during a long road trip.

Then again, don’t think that the problem is only with them. There are times when we drive through rural areas, where phone service is poor. Or situations where your battery dies, and you don’t have an accessible charger. Not to mention those cases where we just want to relax our eyes for a while.

Having that considered, we have prepared this handy list of ten activities what to do on a bus when you and your travel partners don’t have access to electronics. There are games to play on buses, a few individual activities, and many other ideas. We hope they are useful during your next bus trip!

Individual things to do on a bus

There are times when we have to travel alone, such as meeting family in another city or visiting a business client. And there are times when we want to travel alone, like when we want to unwind. Either way, here are interesting things to do on a bus ride when you are traveling all by yourself.

  • Writing: You may keep a journal about what you’re seeing on the road, or even use the trip time to prepare for when you arrive, which is particularly useful if you are in a business trip. Make sure to use the folding table in front of you, because the vehicle might shake at times.
  • Puzzle books: Quite an old-school idea, we know. Then again, it can be fun to unwind with a crossword or a sudoku game. Those books were much more common in stores decades ago, but they still exist. Here, we must repeat the piece of advice above about the folding table.
  • Knitting or crocheting: Bus rides provide you with a long time spent with few entertainment options, so they can be a great chance to finish that sweater you were meaning to for a long time. Then again, we advise you to be extra careful dealing with needles in a moving vehicle.
  • Reading: This activity offers two opportunities. One is that you will have a long time to catch up with that book or magazine you’ve been procrastinating to read. You may even close the curtains to reduce road sickness. The other is that it helps you engage in the next activity…
  • Napping: The simplest, yet the most pleasant one. Modern life makes all of us tired, so why waste a chance to sleep for a while? Sure, your hair won’t look the best when you wake up, but it’ll be much better to have bad hair and high energy than the other way around, right?

Games to play on the bus

Now, if you are traveling with many other people and you have a lot of social energy, these games to play on the bus will be great. They are easy to learn and can be adapted to as many participants your trip has. Just make sure to listen to everyone’s opinions, so they will stay interested in playing.

  • License plate: A classic among bus ride games. You can make a list beforehand and share it with the participants, so everyone will know what to look for. You can always make things more interesting by turning the game into a competition, but it’ll depend on who’s playing.
  • Road trip bingo: We start by listing common items we see on a road trip, such as landmarks, a specific type of car or truck, rivers etc. Then, the participants will tick the items as soon as they spot them. The first one to fill their sheet will be entitled to a small prize, like candy.
  • Twenty questions: One of the best games to play on the bus for adults. The only rule is that you have to come up with yes/no questions. Other than that, you can select any theme you consider good – if you’re traveling with coworkers, your field of work is a great idea to start.
  • Ghost in the Graveyard: After you sing the specific chorus, all participants must freeze. One of them is appointed as the ghost, who must watch the others. Once someone moves, they are out of the game and must quietly wait for it to end. The winner is the last one to move!
  • I Spy With My Little Eye: This game is about one person picking an object on the road and giving hints to the other to guess what it is. Therefore, the only important thing to consider is choosing simple and/or common items, otherwise the game will become excessively hard.

Now that you have suggestions of things to do on a long bus ride, whether by yourself or in a group of people, it’s up to you. You’ll be able to have a pleasant time without spending a minute straining your eyes on a screen. Feel free to contact BCS Travel if you need help booking your next bus trip!

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