Charles de Gaulle airport (CDG) Guide: Charter Bus Stops and Navigational Tips

Maxim Saenko
Updated: 17/05/2024
Edited by   Eugene Bulan
Edited: 27/05/2024

Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG)

France’s main airport first opened its doors in 1974. It is located 23 km northeast of Paris and has become the main hub for Air France as well as a major destination to several other airlines. Since it is one of Europe’s busiest airports, it has a large infrastructure to make your time in it short and productive. Here are some important information about the CDG airport.

CDG airport at a glance

  • IATA code: CDG
  • ICAO code: LFPG
  • WMO code: 07157
  • Location: Roissy-en-France, France
  • Time zone: GMT+2

Navigating From Terminals to Charter Bus Stop at CDG airport

The Charles de Gaulle airport has three terminals. The 1 and 3 are located opposite to one another. The Terminal 2 is located at another region and has seven sub-terminals 2A to 2G. The latter is actually a satellite building connected to the rest of the airport via shuttle bus.

In Terminal 2, the subdivisions 2A to 2F are connected by internal walkways. The 2G, in turn, is a satellite building located 800 m away which you can access using a shuttle bus. All those terminals have appeared in popular culture at some point, like films and music album covers.

It is very easy to leave the CDG airport terminals in order to meet your BCS driver:

  • Terminal 1: The driver will be waiting for you right next to Exit 24. Once you find that exit, you will be able to easily find your BCS driver.
cdg airport terminal 1
  • Terminals 2A to 2D: The bus parking lot that serves all those terminals is actually located between terminal 2C and 2D. You can simply leave to the street and walk a short distance to meet your BCS driver. The longest possibility you will have to walk is about 6 minutes.
  • Terminals 2E and 2F: There is another bus parking lot between those terminals. Once you leave to the street, you will find the bus parking lot a short walking distance away.
cdg airport terminal 2

You can arrive and leave the CDG airport in several ways. If you do not want to drive for 40 minutes by car, it is possible to use the CDGVAL train to reach downtown Paris in an hour. The airport is located in a neighboring city which stays 30 km away from the capital’s center.

CDG airport statistics

  • 57,4 million passengers in 2022 in 34,657 aircraft movements
  • 2,1 million tons of cargo handled in 2019 (11th in the world)
  • Over a hundred different airlines operating at CDG nowadays
  • Largest variety of countries and airlines in the world by 2017
  • It has four runways and takes a total open land of 32.4 km².

CDG airport trivia

  • Charles de Gaulle was an army officer who helped his country oppose to Germany in World War II. Later, he was elected president to steer France back to democracy.
  • Part of terminal 2E collapsed in 2004 after one year. It killed four people and injured other three. It was decided to tear 2E down in 2005 and rebuild it from scratch.
  • In the year 2000, the Irish pop band U2 recorded the hit song “Beautiful Day”. It had a music video clip which was entirely recorded at the Charles de Gaulle airport.

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