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Updated: 09/05/2024
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Group dining in Rome

Benvenuti a Roma! In the eternal city, history, culture, and culinary excellence converge. Every meal becomes a celebration of life, love, and the joy of being together with relatives, friends, or coworkers. Amidst the ancient ruins and cobblestone streets of this city, group dining takes on a new meaning. It is a chance to savor all the flavors of a cuisine with centuries of experience.

From bustling trattorias serving traditional Roman dishes to charming pizzerias which are just perfect for al fresco dining, Rome offers a myriad of options for dining with large groups. Join us as we delve into the culinary delights of the Italian capital, uncovering hidden gems and iconic eateries alike, and experiencing the true essence of Italian hospitality and gastronomic skills.

Trattoria Pennestri

This is the type of restaurant you should visit with time to spare. Trattoria Pennestri has a rustic appearance with refined touches, and features creative dishes based on whatever ingredients are available in the season. You can also enjoy a long wine list and some of the best desserts in town. We are sure that you and your big group are going to love your meal at this restaurant.

Special features

  • Inventive menu based on the season’s ingredients.
  • Excellent for leisurely meals with a big group.
  • Multiple types of wine and dessert available.

Trattoria da Cesare al Casaletto

Located at the end of a tram line, this restaurant has become highly popular among locals and tourists. You are definitely going to enjoy the warm environment and the list of gorgeous dishes based on traditional cuisine. While many food enthusiasts love to spend time there, we’re sure that you will be able to have a wonderful time at lunch or dinner with your large group as well.

Special features

  • Casual and welcoming environment.
  • Excellent for people who truly appreciate fine dining.
  • Great location at the end of the 8 tram line.

SEU Pizza Illuminati (75 guests)

This is one of the most popular pizza places in town. The restaurant has a contemporary décor that will take your breath away, while the menu offers options for all tastes: from classics such as Margherita and marinara to innovative flavors with ingredients you never thought of finding on pizza. Since so many people go there, we highly recommend you book your table in advance.

Special features

  • Classic and modern pizza flavors available.
  • Minimalist décor with contemporary touches.
  • One of the most popular pizzerias in the city.

Ristorante Moma (28 guests)

Named after the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this restaurant is right in front of the US Embassy in Rome. It has earned a Michelin star for offering exquisite dishes that include modern takes on the local cuisine and entirely new creations. As you can imagine, all those dishes come with decoration that makes them works of art. Your dining experience is going to be superb there!

Special features

  • Dishes with unbelievably tasteful appearance.
  • This restaurant has earned a Michelin star.
  • Central location in front of the US Embassy.


If you are looking to enjoy the typical Cacio e Pepe, this is the place to visit: it is the signature dish there. Felice a Testaccio offers retro decoration and leisurely atmosphere that is perfect for casual meals with your large group – whether you are going with relatives, friends, or your coworkers. This restaurant is the star of a region that is considered the best in Rome for dining.

Special features

  • Cacio e pepe is the signature dish of this restaurant.
  • You can find many other traditional Italian dishes.
  • Located in the best region of the city for fine dining.

Santo Palato

This restaurant specializes at Jewish-Roman cuisine. You will find many dishes based on meat and over 800 labels on its wine list. However, you may also like to learn more about its whole work approach, that aims to minimize waste and to recreate traditional recipes of central Italy. It is highly popular in the region, so you should book your table in advance for your large group.

Special features

  • The place is specialized at Jewish-Roman dishes.
  • The wine list features literally over 800 labels.
  • Holistic approach that refuses to create waste.

Salumeria Roscioli

Located next to the Campo de Fiori, this restaurant serves classic Roman dishes with a list of types of cheese, cold cuts, and pickled products that are going to fascinate you. This place is a mix of deli and restaurant, so you can also buy ingredients to take with you. Many enthusiasts go there for its food and drinks, so it is interesting for you to book tables ahead for large groups.

Special features

  • A favorite among food enthusiasts of all kinds.
  • Deli and restaurant: two options to enjoy the place.
  • Many options of dishes from the Roman cuisine.

Mare Nostrum

While this restaurant is located in Rome, it has Sicilian origins and serves Mediterranean dish options. It specializes in seafood and stands out despite being in a city with many exquisite competitors in this segment. You are going to enjoy everything from traditional dishes to some inventions you will only find there. One of the best restaurants for large groups in Trastevere.

Special features

  • Excellent variety of seafood-based dishes.
  • Sicilian origins in a restaurant located in Rome.
  • Stands out from the restaurants of its field.

Osteria Fernanda

One of the most renowned restaurants in the city features a wonderful selection of dishes that blend welcoming flavors and an innovative experience. There are many delicious desserts too, and a wine list that is extensive enough to offer the perfect pairing to all dishes. The restaurant has moved to a new location near the Porta Portese market, so it is definitely worth your visit.

Special features

  • Avant-garde menu with many delicious dishes.
  • Extensive wine list to pair with all those dishes.
  • It has moved to a new location with fresh interior design.

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