How to drive buses in Rome? [Full Rome ZTL map for Buses]

Eugene Bulan
Updated: 22/03/2024

In order to reduce air pollution and road noise, Rome has enforced Limited Traffic Zones. They are better known as Rome ZTL for cars, but they are applicable to tourist buses as well. In this case, there are different zones and each one has different limits and working hours.

Here, we are going to explain all about the ZTL in Rome for tourist buses. We have made maps so you can better understand the limits of each one.

Rome ZTL for tourist buses

Now that you know the extension of the ZTL in Rome, we can talk about those driving conditions. Charter buses can enter a ZTL and park with a special permit. The company must book a permit in advance and pay a fee to have it issued. These are the ZTLs in Rome for buses:

  • ZTL A: the entire area within the GRA freeway
  • ZTL B: a restricted region that includes the Vatican
  • ZTL C: Rome’s historical center

All the ZTL in Rome for buses

In Rome, tourist buses may enter the ZTL A and B, and both have several subdivisions. Here, you can see how much the daily permit costs:

  • Up to 1930.5 cubic centimetres (Fiscal 19 CV)
ZTL permit above 8 meters below 8 meters above 8 meters below 8 meters
A € 55 € 44 € 42 € 33
B1, B2, B3, B5 € 200 € 160 € 150 € 120
B4 € 160 € 128 € 120 € 96
B51, B52, B53, B55 € 240 € 192 € 180 € 144
B54 € 192 € 154 € 144 € 115
G € 50

You may enter the ZTL B from several checkpoints, and each one has a different price. That is the difference between permits B1, B2 etc.

Permit G is different: it is a daily permit (from 00:00 to 23:59 only) issued for big events, whether religious or not. Its price is fixed and cannot get any discounts or increases.

Keep in mind that one of the goals of implementing ZTLs is to make those regions cleaner. Because of that, there are some possibilities to have those prices increased or decreased:

  • Euro 3 DPF buses obtain a 90% surcharge on those prices.
  • Euro 5 buses obtain a 5% discount on those prices.
  • Euro 6 buses obtain a 10% discount on those prices.
  • Electric, methane, LPG and hybrid buses obtain a 50% discount.
  • Permits issued in January, February and August have a 20% discount.

Historical center ZTL for buses

Tourist buses cannot enter the ZTL C, but they may park close to it to have tourists visit the Vatican and the Colosseum, for example. To do so, you have to buy one or or more permits:

Region ZTL permit above 8 meters below 8 meters above 8 meters below 8 meters
Colosseum B5 € 200 € 160 € 150 € 120
B51, B52, B53 € 240 € 192 € 180 € 144
B54 € 192 € 154 € 144 € 115
Vatican A1 € 55 € 44 € 42 € 33
B, B1, B2, B3 € 200 € 160 € 150 € 120
B4 € 160 € 128 € 120 € 96

All those permits can be bought for one day or multiple ones. Permits B51, B52, B53 and B54 grant you permission to both the Colosseum and the Vatican regions.

There will be extra parking zones close to the entrance points, so the buses can park; passengers will be encouraged to visit those limited traffic zones by walking or using an allowed vehicle, such as electric motorbikes.

In the Colosseum region, bus stops have been reorganized. Besides that, the limited number of ZTL permits for the Colosseum and Vatican areas has been extended to all weekdays. If you need more information, you can contact the Agenzia per la Mobilità del Comune Di Roma:

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