Bus Travel is Better than Flying!

Eugene Bulan
Updated: 27/10/2023

Whenever we have to travel a long distance, we tend to think that flying is the best option. While it has strong suits, we have to say that it’s not necessarily better than bus travel. In fact, air travel has become increasingly expensive and inconvenient over the past years compared to other resources.

You already know that BCS Travel, being the European leader of ground transportation, has custom solutions for all travel groups. Now, it’s time for us to explain why bus travel can be a better option for the next time you want to visit a new city. Here’s a simple list with our main arguments for that.

Direct service

More often than not, direct flights are not available. That means we have to waste time at layovers, spend more money than we wanted on food, and even incurring the risk of losing our luggage going from one airport to the other. The whole quality of our valuable time away is compromised by that.

Another very common fact is that airports are distant from the city. There are cases where you may spend an hour or two just traveling to your hotel because the highway is just that busy. Sometimes, the time saving done by flying is wasted on that. Do you really want to pay a fortune and have that?

When you book a charter bus with BCS Travel, everything is immensely easy. We pick you up at the location you specify and drop you off at your hotel. The only stops we make on the way are at rest locations for refreshments. And that is entirely negotiable between your travel group and our staff.

Comfortable accommodations

Modern-day air travel has become far from comfortable. Legroom barely allows you to move your feet, there’s virtually nothing to see from the window, the available storage areas are cramped and quite inconvenient… not to mention that seat reclination is laughable even at the premium classes.

Sure, the fact that flights are often shorter than bus trips mitigates the discomfort of a commercial airplane. However, do you really want to settle for that after paying a fortune for a flight? In a bus, each passenger has a comfortable seat and huge space to sit, lay flat, and stretch their whole body.

Parallel to that, we offer plenty of storage room at the trunk. This way, you don’t need to either use the overhead bin and crush your items, or store your suitcases in a way that you’ll only be able to retrieve them in the end of the trip. We can even pick a bus with extra space if your group prefers.

More environmentally friendly

Buses use fuel and, as a result, emit carbon dioxide. We know that. The difference is that each bus may take 40, 50 passengers at a time. Therefore, that initial amount becomes very low considering the average per passenger. That is one of the principles that makes BCS Travel proud of its work.

Private cars pollute less because they are smaller, yes. And trains and airplanes can take even more people at a time. However, we have the best figures when it comes to carbon dioxide emissions per person. That is particularly valid when each bus travels with the maximum number of passengers.

BCS Travel can optimize those figures because it offers a wide selection of vehicle sizes. We always offer the best option to your group so everyone will have plenty of space and, at the same time, the trip becomes as eco-friendly as possible. Contact us today if you need more information about that

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Eugene Bulan

Eugene Bulan, CEO of BCS Bus Travel, steers the company with not just a keen business mind but a true traveler's spirit. Managing the ins and outs of the company, his days are often filled with making big decisions, ironing out operations, and ensuring each journey offered by BCS is special and seamless for every traveler. It's not just about numbers for him; it’s about crafting experiences, bringing joy to travelers, and ensuring every bus journey feels like a little adventure.

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