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On the shores of the majestic Danube there is the beautiful capital of Hungary.

Budapest is famous for its famous baths.

Amazing Budapest is located between the Carpathians, the Alps and the South Slavic ranges.

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In the I century BC on the territory of Budapest, there was a Celtic settlement which was called Ak-Inc. In 89, the Romans seized this place and renamed it Akvinkum. In 450, the Ostrogoths and Huns replaced the Romans. And then the city was conquered by Avars and Hungarian tribes, who renamed the city Buda. At the time of the Mongol invasion, the city was severely damaged. But then in the 14th century Buda became the capital of Hungary and began to rise.

In 1541, Buda and Pest were occupied by Turkey. The city declined and the reduction of its population began. Later the city was liberated and annexed by the Habsburgs.

The city was liberated from the Ottoman Empire by Austrian troops under the leadership of Karl of Lorraine and was annexed to the possessions of the Hapsburgs. In the 18th century, the rapid development of Pest began as a shopping center.

The final unification of cities into one called Budapest took place in 1873. Industrialization began. In 1918, the country was proclaimed a republic, in 1919 - a Soviet republic. The population of the city grew. In 1944, Budapest was occupied by German troops. In 1945, Budapest was taken by assault by Soviet troops.

The most interesting sights in Budapest:

  • Heroes Square, there are many monuments and two museums.
  • Parliament is the most recognizable and certainly the most elegant building in Budapest.
  • Buda Castle- the old part of the city, where the Royal Palace, Historical Museum, the Church of St. Matthias are located.
  • Fisherman's Bastion- one of the attractions of the Buda Castle, which you want to highlight separately.
  • The chain bridge, the symbol of the city, is a suspension bridge that connected Buda and Pest at the end of the 18th century.
  • Bath Section- the largest bath complex in Europe.
  • Gellert Bath - the most beautiful bath in Budapest, surrounded by stained glass mosaics and marble statues.
  • Island Margit- is a large well-kept park, located on an island in the middle of the Danube.
  • The Palace of Arts - here are held musical concerts and theatrical performances, and during the day everyone can see a collection of works by contemporary artists.
  • The Opera Theater is a famous opera hall with special acoustics.
  • Aquapark Aquaworld- the largest and most unusual in Eastern Europe.
  • Budapest Zoo - a huge collection of rare species of animals and insects.

Budapest Airport

Liszt Ferenc International Airport(BUD) is located 16 km south-east of the center of Budapest.

The airport serves flights to European airports, as well as to Asia, the Middle East and North America.

The airport has three main terminals.

The airport is connected to the city by rail and road.

BCS-bus coach hire company provides airport transfer and shuttle rides to / from the airport.

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