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This is the chance to visit one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world. With a bus rental Sweden, you can enjoy a trip through the green pine forests and rocky land that have become a signature attraction of Northern Europe.

If you book your trip in summer, you will also enjoy the thrill of short nighttime. By contacting BCS Travel, you can arrange a coach hire Sweden today!

Our charter bus Sweden is better than ever!

We could never talk about such a modern and eco-friendly country with old-fashioned buses. BCS Travel updates its entire fleet every five years to make sure the vehicles comply with the latest regulations. Buses normally emit less carbon dioxide per passenger than trains, cars, or airplanes, but that is not enough: we want our coach hire Sweden to bring you peace of mind!

Parallel to that, our vehicles comply with the latest safety standards and feature the necessary items for your comfort. There is appropriate room to store your luggage, roomy seats for you to relax and stretch your legs, and amenities for your convenience. We have accumulated over 10 years of experience in the sector of ground transportation, so we know how to suit your needs.

Our bus rental Sweden is available in these cities:

Our minibus rental Sweden is available in these cities:

Available vehicle classes:

  • mini van rental mercedes


    pax countUp to 7 seats
    • Climate control
    • Elegant car design
    • Multimedia system
    • Premium interior
    • Reclining seats
    • Smooth and silent
  • minibus mercedes rental


    pax countUp to 18 seats
    • Climate control
    • Radio system
    • Microphone
    • Fridge
    • Navigation
    • Reclining seats
  • Setra bus rental

    Bus / Coach

    pax countUp to 60 seats
    • Climate control
    • Radio system
    • Microphone
    • Fridge
    • WC
    • Reclining seats

Exclusive coach hire Sweden

We know how important it is to protect the environment. One of our work principles is to lower the impact of our trips. We make sure to keep a modern fleet of buses because they emit the lowest possible quantity of pollutants. Besides that, they are regularly serviced to keep those numbers over time. However, that was not enough for our bus rental Sweden to truly go green.

BCS has partnered with agencies that promote reforestation. Our coach hire Sweden will plant a new tree for every client that works with BCS. That shows commitment to a better world not only for our society, but also for plants and wildlife. Each client that works with us now directly makes a positive impact on our planet. You can become a part of this amazing project today!

Airport bus Sweden service

After arriving at the airport, everything you want is to leave quickly to the hotel, right? We know that. Our bus rental Sweden makes that easy. All you have to do is inform us of the time of your flight: our professional driver will be there waiting for you and your group. That person can even hold a sign with your name or your company’s logo, so as to make it easier for you to find them.

Custom Sweden bus services

BCS Travel has a team of transportation specialists to work for you. They analyze the common routes in the region in order to draw the best plan to cater to your itinerary. Besides that, they are in constant contact with the driver, so they can quickly provide extra support if that is ever necessary. Once you rely on our bus rental Sweden, you can simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

Comfortable bus hire in Sweden

When you hire a transportation service, you want quality in every possible aspect. We are fully aware of all that, and we deliver. Our coach hire Sweden features modern buses, experienced drivers, customized services, and affordable rates. We are sure that you are going to love what we offer. BCS Travel uses every single resource at its disposal to offer exactly what you need.

You may also like to know that our company has an extensive partner network in the continent. In other words, we have a full network of support that extends our scope of work and allows us to provide all the resources that you may ever need from the moment you book your ride with us. Our Sweden bus rental service becomes better every year because we work hard for that.

Enjoy your group trip in Sweden with BCS-Bus.com

There are times when you need to coordinate a group of coworkers to attend a corporate event without delays. Or when you take the entire family for a group vacation. Or when you take a city tour with friends. Either way, we know that such trips come with many decisions to make. BCS Travel allows you to cross transportation off from that list: our bus Sweden is there to help you!

Next time you visit Sweden, all you have to do is compile your transportation needs and relay them to us. We will be thrilled to draw the best plan to cater to all of them. BCS Travel is made of people who are passionate about what they do, so you can rest assured that you will receive the very best coach hire Sweden services we can offer. We want you to enjoy everything in it!

Minibus hire Sweden for all groups

BCS Travel makes sure to cater to all travel groups that come to us. Besides our full-size coach options, we have Sweden minibus options that will be perfect for groups with fewer people.

It is also possible for us to accommodate requests such as extra luggage room, taking specific routes, and many others. All you have to do is inform us of those needs when you book the trip.

Custom minibus rental Sweden

Over all those years, we have catered to clients of all types. Some clients have requested us to paint the bus in their company’s colours, to divide the group in several buses, to use buses of a specific brand, and so on. We offer those options because we want our minibus rental Sweden to be flexible. This way, you can effectively get the services you and your travel group deserve.

Rent a minibus to enjoy Sweden!

Many customers prefer this category because it offers more options. For example, the minibus rental Sweden can be used for a city tour, a day trip to a neighbouring city, or simply to attend a conference with the entire group in one trip. After all, those vehicles are smaller, so it is easier for them to enter narrow streets and park at even more convenient locations for your group.

Contact our Sweden bus company

Now that you know everything about what we do, it is time to act on it. You can contact BCS by phone, email, or the request form available on this website. Whichever way you prefer, just tell us everything you need from our bus rental Sweden.

We will reply shortly with a transportation plan and its estimate. Once we agree on everything, it will be a matter of waiting for the big day!

If you need further information, do not hesitate in contacting us.
Feel free to call us today at +31 20 700 88 60 to receive a free quote!

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Questions & Answers

How much luggage does the bus fit?

To stay on the safe side, that answer depends on how many passengers there are in your group:
• 16 to 19 passengers: the minibus takes up to 15 bags of 23 kg each. You can also take small hand luggage like a laptop, but nothing as big as a gym bag.
• 50 to 60 passengers: each person can travel with one suitcase of up to 23 kg plus small hand luggage such as a backpack or a laptop bag.
• 80 passengers: our largest bus model fits up to 65 bags of 23 kg each plus small hand luggage such as a backpack or a laptop bag.
We know that groups from the USA are allowed to travel with bags of up to 32 kg plus larger hand luggage volumes. In order to provide them with a similar luggage capacity in our services, we use 50-passenger buses for up to 40 actual travelers, and vans of up to 19 seats for 10 actual travelers.

Does the vehicle have a built-in bathroom?

We can select a vehicle with that feature if you request it. Built-in bathrooms require maintenance and inspection before and after every trip, so making that option incurs in an additional charge.
In case you want an alternative solution, you can request bathroom breaks to be included in your itinerary. Our drivers will be happy to accommodate if that is the case.

Are pets allowed on the bus?

We can transport pets, indeed. However, we ask you to inform of that need in advance so we can make the necessary preparation. We normally require pets to be transported in a proper carrier, but we are open to negotiating individual arrangements with your travel group.

Do the prices include any hidden costs like tolls?

Our service estimate will cover all extra costs necessary for the trip with the exception of parking costs. That is the case of visiting sightseeing points, for example. In such situations, you will have to cover that parking cost yourself or hand a check to the driver on the spot.
Parallel to that, some European cities charge entrance fees. In services such as airport transfers, those fees are included in our estimate. When you book a trip of several days, we ask to coordinate that topic with you beforehand so that payment can be made without any problems.

How does BCS handle my luggage?

There are some topics we like to disclose in that regard:
• We provide transportation for people. We understand that there are particular cases, such as when your luggage is lost at the airport but you have to attend an event nonetheless. Our regular operations allow a minimum of one person traveling with all the group’s luggage if it is necessary. Any arrangement different than that must be negotiated with us beforehand.
• Drivers do not handle luggage. They might offer to load it into and off the car’s trunk out of courtesy, but that is all. You are in charge of bringing your suitcases from the airport gate to the car, for example, and of taking them from the car to the hotel lobby.

How long is my trip?

We have seen many clients setting their trip route on Google Maps and expecting us to drive them in that exact time lapse. While we do our best in terms of route planning and agile driving, we have to remind you that buses and minibuses are different from cars. They are larger and heavier, so the driver must be even more careful. That may entail lower cruising speeds and using different routes.
Now, if you really need an estimated duration of our trip, we can help you with that. According to our experience, we can say that the actual time of our trips is usually 20-25% higher than what Google Maps estimates.


What do clients have to say about BCS?
Roy B
Roy B
Customer, Review from tripadvisor
Excellent company and service. Punctual, flexible and cost efficient. Cant give enough credit to this company and the driver the day was top class. Bus was exceptionally clean and very modern.
Katie T
Katie T
Customer, Review from tripadvisor
Angel was the BEST driver. He was patient with our language barrier - letting us use google translate as needed. He was accommodating, flexible as possible, understanding, patient, very friendly, VERY funny - we had such ...
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