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The countries of Europe are destinations for diverse purposes: touristic travels, corporate events, exhibitions, presentations, as well as a handful of occasions. Thus, a minibus rental for vacation or other trips is the best decision for arranging logistics-related matters.

If you are going to Europe, you have reached the right place. We can make sure your trip will be safe, relaxing, and duly organized. BCS Travel is the best option for private minibus hire Paris.
minibus rental paris - sprinter
minibus rental paris - sprinter

Paris has a unique way of blending business and pleasure. While it is one of the most important commercial and financial centers of the world, it also offers such a rich history and culture that the only negative part of visiting it is that you will have to go back sometime.

Whether you are an experienced traveler or you are enjoying your very first tour, your whole experience can only get even better with the assistance of professional service. BCS Travel is fully prepared to take care of any hassles and set you free to enjoy the French capital to the fullest!

Why rent a minibus in Paris?

Travel plans always come with a lot of decisions to make, regardless of its purpose. Where to stay, where to eat, places to visit, how much to spend… These situations are frequently overwhelming enough that some of those decisions are made carelessly because we are exhausted and stressed.

Transportation is often one of those because there are many options available in a first look, such as public transportation or ride-sharing apps. However, they usually bring problems like excessive cost, multiple possibilities of delays, overall inconvenience and, in some cases, even lack of safety.

A minibus hire in Paris from BCS Travel allows you to cross transportation off your list of issues to address. From the initial contact with us to the actual transportation service, you can rest assured that we are going to use every single resource at our disposal to spare you from all those problems.

Available vehicle classes:

  • mini van rental mercedes


    pax countUp to 7 seats
    • Climate control
    • Elegant car design
    • Multimedia system
    • Premium interior
    • Reclining seats
    • Smooth and silent
  • minibus mercedes rental


    pax countUp to 18 seats
    • Climate control
    • Radio system
    • Microphone
    • Fridge
    • Navigation
    • Reclining seats
  • Setra bus rental

    Bus / Coach

    pax countUp to 60 seats
    • Climate control
    • Radio system
    • Microphone
    • Fridge
    • WC
    • Reclining seats

What can BCS Travel offer?

First of all, it is easy to contact us. You may call, send an email or a WhatsApp message, or simply fill the online form right here, on this page. Once we receive your request, we will plan our best offer and return your contact with all the details of how we can provide transport minibus Paris to you.

Working in the sector for years has given us vast experience. Our staff will create the best route to drive you to all the points you wish to visit while respecting the necessary arrival times. If you need to make any changes, feel free to inform them and we will do our best to accommodate everything.

Finally, keep in mind that your ride is going to take place in modern minibuses, which are frequently serviced and equipped with the latest safety items, and with experienced drivers who speak English and will be happy to connect you with our 24/7 hotline immediately should a necessity appear.

What vehicles does BCS Travel use?

Our minibus rental Paris uses Mercedes-Benz cars for groups of 5 to 16 passengers. While they are recommendable for smaller groups than the bus and, as a result, for different tours, they come with the very same quality standards when it comes to comfort, maintenance, and safety equipment.

The internal climate control allows you to forget about the weather outside. The built-in fridge and radio make your trip much more convenient. With the internal microphone, you can easily contact the driver in case of necessity. The reclining seats, in turn, allow you to make yourself comfortable.

BCS Travel insists on keeping its fleet up to date for two main reasons: the latest technologies make the vehicles eco-friendly and safe – the latter is guaranteed by items like speed limiters and ABS. If you want, we can even offer built-in Wi-Fi connection – all you have to do is inform us beforehand.

What kinds of tours BCS Travel supports?

The Paris minibus hire is recommended for groups of between 5 and 16 passengers. However, we also offer limousines, vans (regular and VIP), and large buses: from small to large groups, we are ready to help. We even have a network of partner companies which extends our scope of possibilities.

Our minibus rental in Paris has been used by tourist groups who want to do sightseeing in the city for some days, school and church groups who want a single ride between two specific locations, corporate groups who need to gather at one place in a timely manner, and many other groups.

We know that each client has specific demands of its own and we are happy to cater to them. All you need to do is contact us informing of everything you need, and we will make all the necessary arrangements. BCS Travel wants you to relax and know that all the hassles are properly solved.


Our transport minibus Paris can be requested in traditional ways just like any other company. You may send us an email message at booking@bcs-bus.com or call at +31 20 700 88 60; the latter is more recommendable in case you need an immediate response from us. But there is yet another way in which you can reach us.

BCS Travel has created an online form which you can access from this very page – all you have to do is scroll up and fill up with your information. That will allow us to quickly reply with precise details about our mini bus hire Paris. We are sure it will be a pleasure for us to assist you!

Contact us and we will find the best solution personally for You!

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Questions & Answers

Where will the driver meet us in Paris CDG airport?

Our driver can meet your group at the arrivals hall holding a sign for easy identification. The bus will be located at the P36 parking zone, which is specific for buses.

How much luggage does the bus fit?

To stay on the safe side, that answer depends on how many passengers there are in your group:
• 16 to 19 passengers: the minibus takes up to 15 bags of 23 kg each. You can also take small hand luggage like a laptop, but nothing as big as a gym bag.
• 50 to 60 passengers: each person can travel with one suitcase of up to 23 kg plus small hand luggage such as a backpack or a laptop bag.
• 80 passengers: our largest bus model fits up to 65 bags of 23 kg each plus small hand luggage such as a backpack or a laptop bag.
We know that groups from the USA are allowed to travel with bags of up to 32 kg plus larger hand luggage volumes. In order to provide them with a similar luggage capacity in our services, we use 50-passenger buses for up to 40 actual travelers, and vans of up to 19 seats for 10 actual travelers.

Does the vehicle have a built-in bathroom?

We can select a vehicle with that feature if you request it. Built-in bathrooms require maintenance and inspection before and after every trip, so making that option incurs in an additional charge.
In case you want an alternative solution, you can request bathroom breaks to be included in your itinerary. Our drivers will be happy to accommodate if that is the case.

Are pets allowed on the bus?

We can transport pets, indeed. However, we ask you to inform of that need in advance so we can make the necessary preparation. We normally require pets to be transported in a proper carrier, but we are open to negotiating individual arrangements with your travel group.

Do the prices include any hidden costs like tolls?

Our service estimate will cover all extra costs necessary for the trip with the exception of parking costs. That is the case of visiting sightseeing points, for example. In such situations, you will have to cover that parking cost yourself or hand a check to the driver on the spot.
Parallel to that, some European cities charge entrance fees. In services such as airport transfers, those fees are included in our estimate. When you book a trip of several days, we ask to coordinate that topic with you beforehand so that payment can be made without any problems.

How does BCS handle my luggage?

There are some topics we like to disclose in that regard:
• We provide transportation for people. We understand that there are particular cases, such as when your luggage is lost at the airport but you have to attend an event nonetheless. Our regular operations allow a minimum of one person traveling with all the group’s luggage if it is necessary. Any arrangement different than that must be negotiated with us beforehand.
• Drivers do not handle luggage. They might offer to load it into and off the car’s trunk out of courtesy, but that is all. You are in charge of bringing your suitcases from the airport gate to the car, for example, and of taking them from the car to the hotel lobby.

How long is my trip?

We have seen many clients setting their trip route on Google Maps and expecting us to drive them in that exact time lapse. While we do our best in terms of route planning and agile driving, we have to remind you that buses and minibuses are different from cars. They are larger and heavier, so the driver must be even more careful. That may entail lower cruising speeds and using different routes.
Now, if you really need an estimated duration of our trip, we can help you with that. According to our experience, we can say that the actual time of our trips is usually 20-25% higher than what Google Maps estimates.


What do clients have to say about BCS?
Sarah M
Sarah M
Customer, Review from tripadvisor
Great service! Very kind, helpfull, flexible and good/quick communication. The buses were always on time at the requested locations.
Beatrice A
Beatrice A
Customer, Review from tripadvisor
Excellent service. Very professional and always on time, as it was demanded. I will consider BCS Travel for future opportunities.
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