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Event transportation services We have fast and efficient solutions for any occasion!

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Event Transportation Is a Breeze with BCS

Picking up attendees one by one, driving them to the venue on time, taking them to restaurants and recreational places after work, dropping them off at night… Planning event transport services can be a big challenge for your company.

Fortunately, BCS has many years of experience in this field. Let us show how we can make your event bus rental more efficient than ever.

Event transportation services

Why should I choose BCS event transportation solutions?

We have accumulated vast experience in event bus hire. That has shown us countless opportunities to cater to your company beyond simply driving people from point A to point B. Over the years, we have worked on our entire range of services in order to make it more accessible, more flexible, and more comfortable. That is why we are confident that we provide the best event transport services.

While we have worked with companies of all sizes, not to mention many personal travel groups, we have earned particular trust of these ones: Air China, American Express, Audi, Canon, Dell, Hyundai, L’Oreal, Mazda, Microsoft, and Starbucks. Working with such corporations allows us to affirm that we are the perfect event transportation company to cater to all demands your company may have.

Ecologic and private event transportation

Compared to trains, airplanes, and private cars, bus rental is the most environmentally friendly way to provide event transportation. After all, it simply presents the lowest emission of carbon dioxide per person of them all. That means we operate with one of the cleanest means of transportation in the market. However, BCS is proud to say that our event bus hire does even more in that regard.

BCS has acquired a deforested piece of land with the mission of bringing it back to its days of glory. For every trip we complete, we plant one more tree in that region. Parallel to that, we have made continuous investments in efficient buses and to reduce our general consumption of resources. In the end, those initiatives drive BCS towards the primary goal of neutralizing our carbon emissions.

Reliable event transportation services

We do our best because we value your business. It is as simple as that. When you book our event bus rental, you get a personal Transportation Manager to take care of your travel needs. This way, you will get personalized attention and your requests will be our top priority. Besides, all our staff is fluent in English, so you can forget about ever having problems to express what you need from us.

Parallel to all that, we have a dedicated hotline that is available 24/7. In other words, it serves as a direct connection between you and our headquarters. Although you can always talk to the driver if a problem appears, we want to reassure you that this resource is available as well. You can contact our hotline before, during, or after your event bus hire. It is our way to ensure you are not alone.

Here are some of the cities where BCS provides event transportation

Amsterdam Paris Munich Berlin Frankfurt Zurich
Barcelona Madrid Vienna Prague Dusseldorf Hamburg

Event transportation services for big groups

Custom event transport services

Urban transportation is usually problematic because it is pre-scheduled. You have to go to specific bus stops or train stations, and there are fixed times for everything. In practice, it is inconvenient, and it forces you to either wait a long time or rush to get your vehicle. BCS, in turn, provides custom event transportation services. We will be glad to negotiate with your company and we are flexible.

Whether you need to take students on a field trip, guests to a wedding ceremony, team players to a sports venue, or employees to a conference, we have the means to assist you. All you need to do is fill our online form, which is available on this very page. Once you inform us of what you need from our event transportation company, we will build the most appropriate service package to offer you.

Corporate event transportation services

One of the many categories with which BCS works is group transportation. In other words, custom services focused on large groups of passengers. That is the typical case of corporate trips, to give an example. They need to attend several events at the destination city, and it is essential that they go there on time. Our years of experience are valuable to make everything happen the way you plan.

Next time you need to coordinate such venture, contact us. Our transport for groups is completely flexible; we can offer vehicles of several sizes, we operate in countless European cities, and we only work with experienced drivers who speak English. This way, it is possible to provide efficient group transport even if you need to involve a large number of professionals. Contact us about that today!

Once you fill our online form, we only ask you to include as many details as possible. This way, we can cross your requirements with our resources in order to build the most appropriate package for your group transport.

We have earned the trust of countless clients, whether big or small, because we strive to provide excellence. Our goal is to help your travel group have a wonderful experience.

Contact us +31 20 700 88 60 and we will find the best solution personally for You

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Questions & Answers
How much does it cost to rent a bus or mini minibus?

Depending on the season, order type and bus category, the prices differed greatly.
Here are a few examples:
1. A modern 53 seater bus with premium equipment and driven by an English speaking driver costs around 620-750 EUR per day
2. A modern 49 seater bus with standard equipment and driven by a driver with basic knowledge of English costs about 570-700 EUR per day
3. A modern 16 seater Mercedes Benz minibus with premium equipment and driven by a driver with fluent English costs about 460-600 EUR per day
Tell us your travel plans and we will calculate the exact price including all kilometers, taxes, city entrance permits, road and parking fees.

How much luggage per person can be taken along?

European buses are basically designed so that a medium suitcase (cm 70/50/38) and a small backpack (cm 40/30/17) can be taken per person. If you are not sure whether your luggage fits in the bus, it is best to ask our consultant and he will help you.

What bus sizes are there?

There are many bus categories with a different number of seats.
6-7 seater mini minivan
16-19 seater mini minibus
29-32 seater midi minibus
49-59 seater bus
72-81 seater double-decker bus

How are your buses equipped?

All buses we offer are modern and at least equipped with reclining seats, air conditioning, radio system, microphone and navigation.
We also offer premium buses that are equipped with
tinted panoramic windows, quality multimedia system, galley where hot drinks can be prepared, fridge, toilet, Wi-Fi and 220 V socket next to each seat.
Please describe your travel idea to us and we will choose and offer you the right vehicle.

How are the prices calculated?

Prices are calculated based on a type of service, seasonal transportation availability and the number of bookings made by the customer. For bookings that are made one month or longer in advance, we offer more favorable prices.

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