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The countries of Europe are destinations for diverse purposes: touristic travels, corporate events, exhibitions, presentations, as well as a handful of occasions. Thus, a minibus rental for vacation or other trips is the best decision for arranging logistics-related matters.

Going to Europe? You have reached the correct place to make sure that your trip will be safe, relaxing, and duly organized. BCS Travel is your European trip provider.
minibus rental Berlin - sprinter
minibus rental Berlin - sprinter

The German capital is one of the most important cities for business in the world. Stunning architecture, beautiful cityscape and rich history are only a part of what makes Berlin irresistible. Regardless of the purpose, traveling to Berlin is always an unforgettable experience.

We want to do our part to bring all that to you. BCS Travel has accumulated years of experience with professional trips, so we know we are prepared to assist you with all the necessary arrangements. Send us the details of your trip and feel free to enjoy yourself in Berlin!

Why rent a minibus Berlin?

While traveling to a new place is exciting, it can only happen after you go through many details and arrangements which are usually a hassle: accommodations, restaurants to visit, budget estimates, touristic places to visit… deciding all that in a short time can easily be overwhelming to everyone.

In a scenario like that, it is easy for us to overlook transportation. After all, we can always use public transportation and/or ride-sharing apps. However, those solutions often come with side effects like possible multiple delays, excessive costs, lack of safety in some cases… a general inconvenience.

A minibus hire in Berlin from BCS Travel is the best way to solve that. We have made everything easy to you, from the initial contact to the variety of services we can offer. Rest assured that we have many possibilities to make you enjoy your whole trip and forget about all those problems.

What can BCS Travel offer?

We know that a good experience is made by taking care of all steps. The first contact with us can be easily made by sending us an email or a WhatsApp message, or simply filling the online form right here. Once we receive your request, we will return with the best service offer we can provide you.

BCS Travel has accumulated vast experience in this sector. Our trained staff will be happy to create the best route to take you to all the locations you wish while respecting the arrival times you need. Besides, you can request any changes to your itinerary, and we will do our best to accommodate.

You should also keep in mind that your rides are going to use modern minibuses which are regularly serviced and use the latest safety equipment. We also recruit only experienced drivers who speak English and have a 24/7 hotline which is fully prepared to help you throughout the trip if necessary.

Price ranges in Berlin for Bus, Minibus and Van rental

Service name



Bus / Coach

Airport Transfer - TXL/SXF to City

from 118 EUR

from 165 EUR

from 205 EUR

5 Hours bus rental

from 345 EUR

from 394 EUR

from 469 EUR

10 Hours bus hire

from 680 EUR

from 720 EUR

from 850 EUR

Potsdam - Berlin 

from 129 EUR

from 189 EUR

from 225 EUR

What vehicles does BCS Travel use?

Your minibus hire Berlin is made with Mercedes-Benz cars for groups of five to sixteen passengers. While they are recommendable for specific travel purposes, we guarantee that they follow the very same quality standards regarding passenger comfort, maintenance routine, and safety equipment.

Our minibuses feature climate control, so your trip will be pleasant at all times of the year; built-in radio and fridge will give you convenience; an internal microphone facilitates communication with the driver should you need. Finally, the reclining seats allow you to just sit back and enjoy your trip.

Keeping our minibuses up to date is important for two main reasons: the latest technologies make them eco-friendly and safe – in other words, they comply with strict emission regulations and have items such as speed limiters and ABS. You can even inform us beforehand if you want built-in Wi-Fi.

What kinds of tours BCS Travel supports?

The minibus rental Berlin was designed for passenger groups between five and sixteen. However, BCS Travel can also ofer limousines, regular and VIP vans, and large buses, not to mention a full network of partner companies: we are prepared to assist your trip whether your group is small or large.

Our minibus Berlin has been used for several purposes: tourist groups who want to enjoy sightseeing in the city, school and church groups who want a round trip to one specific location, corporate groups who have to attend a certain event in a timely manner, and many other groups.

Each of those groups has specific demands regarding times and routes and we know that. All you have to do is contact us informing what you need in detail, and we will be happy to make all the necessary arrangements to keep you away from all the hassles. Feel free to sit back and relax.

Can I trust BCS Travel?

We have accumulated expertise over years of providing transportation via car, van, minibus, and large bus. Besides that, we only recruit drivers who speak proficient English in order to ensure you will be able to properly communicate with them. The 24/7 hotline is also ready to help anytime.

Another very important part of our service is that, once our representative agrees with you on what services to offer and at what cost, you will have our word on it: there will be no surprises. However, if you need to make changes to your private minibus hire Berlin, we will do our best to execute them.

Combining availability, flexibility and excellent like that has earned us the trust of many companies as big as Air China, GazProm, Microsoft and Visa, not to mention countless groups of personal trips. We are fully prepared to help you with whatever transportation needs you may have across Europe.

How can I contact BCS Travel?

You can request our transport minibus Berlin in traditional ways like with any other company. It is possible to send us an email at or call us at +31 20 241 69 95; the latter is recommendable in case you need an immediate response from us. However, we have yet another way in which you can reach us.

BCS Travel now offers an online form which you can access right here, on this very page – all you have to do is scroll up and provide the information we need. That will allow us to analyze what we can do and quickly reply with the precise details of the best service arrangement we have to offer.

Contact us and we will find the best solution personally for You!

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Questions & Answers
How much does it cost to rent a bus or mini minibus?

Depending on the season, order type and bus category, the prices differed greatly.
Here are a few examples:
1. A modern 53 seater bus with premium equipment and driven by an English speaking driver costs around 620-750 EUR per day
2. A modern 49 seater bus with standard equipment and driven by a driver with basic knowledge of English costs about 570-700 EUR per day
3. A modern 16 seater Mercedes Benz minibus with premium equipment and driven by a driver with fluent English costs about 460-600 EUR per day
Tell us your travel plans and we will calculate the exact price including all kilometers, taxes, city entrance permits, road and parking fees.

How much luggage per person can be taken along?

European buses are basically designed so that a medium suitcase (cm 70/50/38) and a small backpack (cm 40/30/17) can be taken per person. If you are not sure whether your luggage fits in the bus, it is best to ask our consultant and he will help you.

What bus sizes are there?

There are many bus categories with a different number of seats.
6-7 seater mini minivan
16-19 seater mini minibus
29-32 seater midi minibus
49-59 seater bus
72-81 seater double-decker bus

How are your buses equipped?

All buses we offer are modern and at least equipped with reclining seats, air conditioning, radio system, microphone and navigation.
We also offer premium buses that are equipped with
tinted panoramic windows, quality multimedia system, galley where hot drinks can be prepared, fridge, toilet, Wi-Fi and 220 V socket next to each seat.
Please describe your travel idea to us and we will choose and offer you the right vehicle.

How are the prices calculated?

Prices are calculated based on a type of service, seasonal transportation availability and the number of bookings made by the customer. For bookings that are made one month or longer in advance, we offer more favorable prices.

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