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St. Petersburg is the northern capital of Russia and the most popular tourist city.

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St Petersburg

People came to settle this territory immediately after the melting of glaciers. The first traces of human presence on the site of St. Petersburg were already about 10-12 thousand years ago. Probably they were the ancestors of modern Finno-Ugric peoples. Approximately in the 8th century, these lands were settled by Eastern Slavs. They were engaged in agriculture , cattle breeding, hunting and fishing. At the beginning of the 9th century, these lands became part of the Ancient Russian state.

Then in the 15th century as a result of defeat in the war with Sweden, this territory became part of Sweden. And the city of Nyen was founded.

And after the Northern War of 1700-1721, it was recaptured from Sweden back and became part of the Russian Empire under the Nishtadt Peace Treaty. In 1703, the city of St. Petersburg was founded near Nyen.

Peter the Great saw a great strategic importance in the new city – it was a provision of a waterway from Russia to Western Europe.

Main sights:

  • The house of Peter the Great is the only building preserved from the first days of St. Petersburg.
  • The Winter Palace on Palace Square of St. Petersburg is the main attraction of the northern capital.
  • St. Isaac's Cathedral is the largest Orthodox church in St. Petersburg today built in 1710.
  • Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg –is the temple, which houses the main shrine of the city - Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, and a monument to Russian military glory.
  • The cruiser Aurora is one of the first museum ships in St. Petersburg. The cruiser Aurora was a defender of Russia in two wars - in the Russian-Japanese war and in the First World War.
  • The Kunstkamera or the Cabinet of Rarities - Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography named after Peter the Great is one of the largest museums of this kind.
  • The Mariinsky Palace played an important role in the political life of Russia. The Mariinsky Palace was home to the daughter of Tsar Nicholas I, and later became the headquarters of the Provisional Government.
  • The State Russian Museum is the largest collection of national art in the world. Currently, the museum collection has more than 320 thousand exhibits.

It is also necessary to go to the theater, to the opera and to the ballet considered the best in the world.

St Petersburh Airport

St Petersburg Pulkovo Airport (LED) is located 17 km south of St. Petersburg.

The airport terminal complex includes two terminals - Pulkovo-1 and Pulkovo-2, the first of which accepts domestic flights and some international, as well as charter flights. Pulkovo-2 is an international terminal.

At the airport there are:

  • Cafe
  • bars
  • restaurants
  • duty free
  • mother and child room
  • 3 business rooms
  • charging station
  • luggage office
  • travel agency
  • mobile salons
  • Orthodox chapel
  • Postal office

BCS-bus coach hire company offers airport transfer.

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