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One of the most attractive cities in Germany welcomes its guests!

The city combines a unique historical atmosphere and a modern rhythm of life.

BCS-bus Coach hire company invites you to take a  journey!

And feel this unique atmosphere of the city. And also our specialists are always ready to help make the most effective route allowing you to save time.

In Münster the fifth part of the city population are students, therefore the most popular mode of transport is a bicycle

However, for tourists we would recommend using minibus rental or bus hire.


We have prepared a clean transport in excellent technical condition for any groups of tourists.

You can get acquainted with the offer directly on our website.

To learn more about bus coach charter in Munster or if you have non-standard questions call to the office.

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Münster city



The city was founded by Charles the Great who ordered to build a monastery here. In 805, Munster was granted the title of a town. It was here in 1648 that the Peace of Westphalia was signed, which put an end to the 30-year war. Here was the capital of Prussia from 1815 to 1945.

Since then, Münster itself can be considered a living illustration of the history. Houses, churches and other architectural structures reflect each piece of time.

It is interesting but today this is the city of youth, with the average resident here younger than 35 years old, and it is not surprising because now there are a lot of universities and research centers.

The museum of Pablo Picasso, the only one in Germany, also attracts a lot of tourists.

Airport in Münster

Munster Osnabruck International airport


Münster Osnabrück International Airport (FMO) It is located 25 km north of Münster (19 km from the city center). Serves both domestic and international flights.

Registration of passengers and baggage handling for domestic flights usually begins 2 hours and ends 40 minutes before departure.

For passengers of international lines, registration starts 2 hours 30 minutes and ends 40 minutes before departure.

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