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Tel Aviv is a modern city with a typical Mediterranean climate.

Clubs, bars, bohemian atmosphere, fun life and beaches attract many tourists.

Crowds of artists, musicians and young professionals flock to Tel Aviv.

There are many kinds of transport but it is best of all to rent a bus in Tel Aviv.

Only the bus tour will allow you to cover as much as possible.

But maybe you would just like to hold a celebration or business event.

You can also rent a bus in Tel Aviv exclusively for the time you need.

This offer is suitable for both corporate clients and individuals.


When a group of your tourists having a great time in a club or staying in a restaurant,

it is often very difficult to solve the problem of transportation at the last moment.

It so happens that a taxi is simply not enough for everyone, and the guests are left

with an unpleasant aftertaste from this event.

It is better to book a bus in advance, it will also allow you to regulate the time of

the celebration and to keep the peace among guests.

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To rent a bus in Tel Aviv for travelling

What interesting things can be seen in Tel Aviv

  • Caesarea National Park is the old center of the ancient city of Caesarea Palestine, which naturally went under the water many centuries ago.
  • Eretz Israel Museum - one of the main scientific and historical sites of Tel Aviv
  • The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is the flagship of contemporary Israeli art.
  • Old Jaffa is a very ancient place: in the XV century BC it was captured by Pharaoh Thutmosis III
  • Design Museum in Holon is perhaps the most unusual place in Tel Aviv
  • The ancient city of Antipatris was founded in 35 BC by Judah's king Herod the Great and named in honor of Herod's father - Antipater.
  • Taelet is a multi-kilometer Tel Aviv embankment stretching along the Mediterranean Sea and sandy beaches.

Where to eat?

  • Origem Fresh Coffee with nice atmosphere, friendly staff, delicious coffee and excellent pastries.
  • Bar Ochel- a gorgeous atmospheric place, with delicious food, good beer
  • Bocca Bocca is an excellent restaurant offering delicious Mediterranean cuisine and a pleasant atmosphere

Night clubs:

  • Havana Music Club- a hot salsa nightclub!
  • Silvia Bumper- just a great pub
  • The Block is the most fashionable club, BBC Radio 1 recognized that the best sound in Israel is here.
  • Club Dungeon- a really trendy club. Favorite place freaks. Suitable for adult extremes, goths, representatives of various minorities.

For someone, Tel Aviv is attractive due to its vibrant nightlife,

Someone comes here for a beach holiday with one’s family.

Someone is interested in cultural events and avant-garde events.

In any case, go rent a bus and learn more about Tel Aviv.



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