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Gothenburg is a large Swedish city, very beautiful and interesting.

BCS-bus coach hire company offers bus transport for groups in Gothenburg.

The city is interesting for its historical center, picturesque islands, cliffs and museums.

And Gothenburg has Liseberg - the largest amusement park in Scandinavia.

Use bus hire in Gothenburg for groups of tourists and go on a trip to Sweden!

Gothenburg is also a university center, and one of the European capitals of pop music.

But also it is known asthe famous port, through which various overseas goods first entered Scandinavia.

Minibus rental will be a good solution for traveling small groups (10-12 people).

Gothenburg is a nice and friendly city with an excellent layout.

It is very different from other Swedish cities.

Bus coach charter will allow tourists and delegations to travel in comfort!

For you, we have buses, minibuses and minivans, clean, comfortable, in excellent technical condition.

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Sweden got this territory only in the 13th century. The city managed to beat off the frequent attacks of the Danes. But the special growth of the city began with the development of the Swedish East Indian company with started working with China.Chinese goods (porcelain, silk and tea) were brought to the port of Gothenbur and sold to European traders.

The popular brand Volvo was started in Goetheburg.

he modern Goetheburg attracts tourists with its unique atmosphere.

Beautiful parks and cozy cafes, small shops and different museums creates very special spirit of the city.

The main museums of the city:

  • Museum of Art (Göteborgs konstmuseum). The collection includes Rembrandt, van Gogh, Monet and Picasso, as well as works by Scandinavian masters from the turn of the 19th — 20th centuries.
  • Natural Universe (Universum). A piece of selva has been recreated here, with artificial rains and even insects, and sharks living in a giant reservoir.
  • City Museum (Stadsmuseum). In addition to the artifacts of the time of the Vikings and historical expositions, there are regularly arranged large-scale interchangeable exhibitions.
  • Volvo Museum- Creating a comfortable and safe car was a stage in the construction of a welfare society in a single country.
  • Gothenburg is a port city, so you should definitely visit the archipelago, walk along the deserted beach, admire the cliffs and of course treat yourself to the main feature of Swedish cuisine, fish dishes.

    Gothenburg Airport

    Gothenburg City Airport (GSE) is located on the island of Hisingen, 9 km from the city center.

    This airport prefers to work with business aviation and also offers flights to many destinations.

    Landvetter Airport (GOT) – in order to carry out its cargo-passenger flights it uses more than 30 airlines on a regular basis.

    There are charter, seasonal and regular flights from the airport. The airport has 2 terminals: for domestic flights and for international ones.

    The airport has everything you need for a comfortable stay of passengers at the airport:

    • Medical Center
    • Pharmacy
    • Information desk
    • A restaurant
    • Cafe
    • Bars
    • Various shops

    Getting to the airport is the fastest using the airport transfer.

    BCS-bus coach hire company offers transportation for airport transfers in Gothenburg


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